Noodles like strings of springs!@Nippy Noodle Restaurant, Kuchai Lama

This was one of those days, where foodieventure enthusiasm beats convenience. It takes about a good 30-40minutes drive to Kuchai Lama from my place, but there’s been several reviews about Nippy Noodles (I’m sorry it really sounds like Ni Ni to me, which is a little obscene), that they have awesome noodles and charsiew..both of which are toppers on my foodie list.

It wasn’t easy to find so I was glad that waze had a point for Nippy Noodles. The shop is a little gloomy looking inside,definitely not what I had expected.  

Good thing I was early and the place was still quite empty, hence food came really quickly. The noodles are made with the traditional method, using bamboo poles and hand made of course. They had posters all around emphasizing that premium wheat flour and eggs are used to make their noodles.

I guess it sounds like a whole bombastic package to me, and after I lifted them strings of noodles up, truly they were very springy! And the egg flavour wasn’t over powering too, so that’s good.

The portion isn’t big so if you have a big powerful suctioned mouth, you could finishthe entire bowl in three slurps! 

I ordered 3 toppings all the porky way up! Gotta say no one has really made a perfectly balanced awesome bowl of charsiew wanton noodles, one or the other component would always be just a bit lacking.

In this case was their meat dishes. All three toppings were really quite average and nothing major to rave on, but it would make you fuller eating them together with your awesome bowl of strings of springs.

If I come by here again the next time around, I’d probably just order a bowl of plain noodles, or maybe two? 😂

For noodle lovers, gotta say this is a worthy bowl which reminds me somewhat of the famous Hong Kong wantan noodles, Mak’s noodles, you can read about Mak’s noodle from one of my old posts :


No 25, Jalan Kuchai Lama Maju 7,

Entrepreneurs Park,

Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,

58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +60379821781

Opening hours: daily 10 am – 10 pm (except Saturdays and Sunday, they open earlier, at 9am instead)

FB page:

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