Common Grounds Coffee@Citywalk, Sudirman

real viagra online image While visiting jakarta lately, I was keen to explore the local coffee scene. I was so amazed by this newly opened cafe called Common Grounds at Citywalk Sudirman.

buy clomid 50mg online They sources their beans from aceh gayo, toraja and yirgacheffe. And you could get it brew either v60, aeropress or chemex.

The owner was tending the bar and he was such an amazing guy that he gave me generous pours of chemex brewed coffee from his private stash.

First up was from Small Batch roaster in Melbourne, whose coffee was the key reason Auction Room was voted the best cafe in Austrialia in 2013. The coffee profile was clean, pineaple notes and fruity acidity. After the coffee cooled down, you could taste the waft of black tea sweetness. Zing zing zing!


Next up was the 4 barrel roaster from america. We tasted it Columbian antiga especiall beans chemex style as well as cold brew method.
Again, the profile was extremely clean, n nice prnounced sweetness. On the cold brew method, you could taste raisin jumping off your palate.
The body was a tad heavier when compared with the Small Batch Coffee.


The burrito was enak. you could taste the care they put in their food!


Now u see how clean the coffee is?

YY’s dinner celebration pre-Hann’s arrival@Ole Ole Bali, Empire Subang

Our dear friend YY is due for her second baby in several days. The M&M group decided to have a great feast to celebrate this special occasion and also to catch up on each other’s lives..and most importantly have a good time!

To accomodate YY’s needs, we decided to meet at Empire, nearer to her home and left for her to decide the dinner venue… Ole Ole Bali!


Among 8 of us, K regularly dines here and knows what’s good and what’s not so good. We left the food ordering to the expert!

The appetizer platter is a must-order at Ole Ole. The portion is enough for 2-3 according to the menu. In my opinion however, we can make do with 4 or more.

The star items were the cumi cumi (fried calamari slices) and grilled minced meat with lemongrass sticks. Full of flavours! What would get you hooked on further was our little red buddy sambal.

Best sambal still belongs to the Indonesians!


The gado gado was ordinary to me, but the sliced chicken fillets were perfectly grilled. You could taste the burnt charcoal flavour, grilled with a bit of crunchy texture on the surface but yet maintained its juicy succulence on the inside. The peanut sauce however was a let down.



These were the main dishes we ordered to share. Essentially, the side dishes were all similar with the appetizer platters: stewed kangkungs, cumi cumis, sambal, and crackers, grilled chicken.

The only slight difference was that the rice were cooked differently (one plain and the other with saffron) and the grilled chicken gravy (rendang and spicy sauce).

Not knowing that every appetizer and main comes with cumi cumi side dishes, we actually ordered 2 more bowls of cumi cumi appetizers. In the end, we flocked oursevles with calamari overload…struggling to swallow every piece down even though they actually taste good.


For once an addiction cannot overcome the overload!

The total bill came up to nearly RM400 for 3 appetizer platter, 2 cumi cumi side dishes, 1 gado gado, 5 main courses and fruit drinks. Too much food for 8 pax.


It was a great session catching up with everyone, we laughed, we joked, we got serious, mama talks, baby talks, marriage talks, work talks…all from memories formed since 2006 and will continue on in the future.


As I am also a fan of Line app stickers, I could not help but had a cuteness rush when I saw the adorable stuffed Conys while accompanying YY in ToysRus!

Harlow foodie lovers!