Nasi Padang @ Sanur, Bali Dear all,
sorry for the absence of new posts for the past few weeks. Demona has been bogged down by her hectic travelling schedule since relocating to Singapore while I am busy fire fighting and getting new sales in the latest industry downturn ( hopefully things goes well at work for everybody HUAT! HUAT! HUAT!).

Demona and I took a 4 days trip to Bali over the weekend. The place we stayed was amazing and the whole trip merely cost 600rm per head ( 3 nites of superb classy accomodation + air tix from KL by Air Asia), more on that later.

Upon arrival, our first meal was at the Nasi Padang Stall near our hotel at Sanur.
Special Ayam Pop: The nasi padang stall was just a small joint near to Jalan Hang Tuah. There is Zero customer in there at 2pm but you do see many pictures of Indonesian celebrities inside the shop. Sign of good food? Nasi Padang: I’d make the pick this time, choosing some of Demona’s favourite Eggplant, fried chicken, some sweet potato leaf and sambal. The total cost of the meal was 25k rupiah ( around 4 bucks sgd). Taste was average, and nothin to shout about, and was a few league lower than Singapore’s Killiney Road’s Warung M Nasir. Not exactly value for money either considering the average GDP of Indonesians. An average effort but we expected more !

Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 63 Sanur Bali
Phone: 0361- 282212

Warung M Nasir Revisit

After a good breakfast at Good Morning Nanyang Cafe, Demona and I were craving for some savoury spicy kick ass meat. We begin out hunt and the taste of blood brought us to Warung M Nasir in Killiney Rd. While i was parking my Jazzy illegally by the road, Demona rush out and went in to grab a FengShui seat. She knew i would pick her favourite dishes.

Here is what we had:
1) Beef Rendang: Same spiciness, same tenderness. Chunks of beef melting in your mouth while my nose started raining (perspiring). You could never go wrong with this!
2) Curry Squid: Tender bouncy squid jumping for joy when you fork them. Good spice, no fishy smell. Delicious.
3) Omellete: Nothing spectacular yet nothing bad about it.

Total bill $5.80. Reasonable.

Go for the kill at Warung M Nasir today!