Lunch re-visit@Pakeeza Restaurant, Ipoh

enter The first time when I ate in this restaurant, years ago left a fairly strong impression on me. Despite the simplistic design on the restaurant, the food was good. The price would be a notch high for local Ipoh-ians but for KL-lite earners, price charged for the food here would be considered reasonable.

omprare viagra generico 50 mg consegna rapida a Bologna I had a chance to dine here again after 4 years. Wow. Much has changed. Business definitely flourished over the years. Major renovation was done, and now the decor gives the restaurant a modern yet comfortable  feel, fueled with Indian songs shown using 40 inch plasma TVs. The naan as seen above, was a disappointment. It was not fluffy like how I remembered it 4 years ago. In fact, I believed it was a little under baked. I vaguely recall seeing the hardened off white batter in the middle of the naan layer. I could be wrong, maybe it is the new way of naan making.

prezzo viagra generico pagamento online a Milano This was the stewed beef with green peas. Quite enjoyable, as the meat was tender and gravy well thickened. It was not as spicy as how it looked. Definitely need to eat with rice.

levitra originale miglior prezzo garanzia Some chicken curry gravy given to drizzle over the briyani basthmati rice. Half a chicken tandoori. Yums! They maintained their integrity! Served good tandoori 4 years ago, serve good tandoori now. You could see the variety of herbs and spices stuck on the outer layer skni of the chicken, before being grilled. Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. A must try! 2 gigantic lamb meat balls. It reminded me of the “Dragon Meat Balls”, famous in Shanghai, the only difference is the style of cooking here using Indian spices. Quite good too!

This may be common to patrons who frequent northern Indian restaurants, but this masala tea is new to me. Herb infused tea with almond slices. I never knew how well this combination could turn out to be. Thumbs up! One precaution, have to drink it the moment it is served. Once the drink turns lukewarm, the drink becomes slightly less Oomph!

Total damage for 3 : RM 100 plus. (total bill went to my firiend).

Fairly cheap, for KL earners. For the same portion of food in a northern indian restaurant in KL, that serves average taste food could possibly go up another RM50.