Devi’s Corner@TTDI

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disfunzione erettile endocrino Demona: We had a relaxing brunch at Devi’s Corner in TTDI on a cloudy, chilly Saturday. As usual, I am bias towards ordering egg thosai. I couldn’t help it. I just love eating egg thosai.

enter site The egg thosai over here was pretty crunchy and spicy. Truly enjoyable when I ate it with thick, creamy dhall and chicken curry. Its size was also quite large. Dogma had to eat some to help me finish it.

viagra generico 25 mg miglior prezzo pagamento online a Milano Demona: Dogma ordered a roti kosong and nasi lemak initially. The roti kosong came first. Within minutes, Dogma’s plate was clean. I could tell he was having a pretty good time eating his roti.

acquistare viagra generico consegna rapida a Milano The waiter was a little blur (probably still new), only nodding his head whenever we reminded him again and again on our nasi lemak order. The nasi lemak never came. Apparently, it was sold out, according to this waiter. I personally believed that they were still in the process of cooking the rice actually.

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Demona: Since the nasi lemak order was cancelled, one roti kosong surely was not enough for tummy growling Dogma! He ordered another roti telur bawang. The size of the roti was quite big as well. However, no size was big enough to scare Dogma’s tummy off!

He savoured every bit of it. Seeing him eating happily, I managed to steal a piece of roti from him. I thought it tasted quite nice as well, as they had a healthy portion of eggs and onions inside. The only problem was that I wished that they would have fried the onions first before adding them in, rather than them being raw. Somehow, the flavour of the onions weren’t as strong as I had expected.

Demona: I ordered a piece of fried chicken. I chose the breast meat (my favourite, because it’s lean and you pay the same price for the part with the most meat). Dogma does not like breast meat in general, as it is too dry for his liking. Thus, I ended up eating most of the chicken. It was not too bad as I always enjoyed any food which is spicy. The marination process must had been quite thorough to lock the spiciness in.

Verdict: The whole meal cost me RM 10. The best part about having a weekend brunch, is that you wake up a little later, wear casual clothing, enjoy a good meal (no rushing through munches), sipping coffee, reading the newspapers, and to do all of these with someone who enjoys them as much as you do too.

Raju’s@Gasing, PJ

Demona brought me to this popular Indian Restaurant@Gasing, Petaling Jaya for a sumptuous lunch. It is supposed to be one of the popular places where you people gaze and spot celebrities due to Raju’s close proximity to a wealthy neighborhood. Above is the funny mascot welcoming us upon reaching the place.

One of the waiter offered us a fried fish cake. It tasted very much like a typical vadai (onions, pepper, indian spice, green chilli) except with a tad sweet fish taste. Not bad.
Popadams: Demona just can’t stop munching and these are the popadam’s for her. nothing special about the popadams but I’m glad it did not has the usual pungent refried oil smell found in certain stalls.
Fried Fish (tengiri): The fried fish was fresh with a crunchy outer layer while retaining enough moist inside. Pleasant! However, i believe Kanna still does a better fried Tenggiri fish thou!

Roti Canai/Prata: Nice chewy roti canai drenched in spicy chicken/fish curry. I had always prefer the KL roti canai compared to Singapore’s due to the thicker/chewier dough. You get a meatier bite from the generous amount of dough ( probably also due to enough time spent on tossing the dough in the air while preparing it). Kudos to Raju’s Roti for maintaining the standard!

Demona’s Egg Thosai: This is Demona’s staple food. Fluffy light thosai covered in egg. Raju’s version is good, clean, generous thosai. The thick chicken curry has abundant of good ol’spice to kick up a satisfactory meal! Thumbs up from Demona!
Chutney: This is awesome!!! Demona ordered this (FOC) and it came out fresh from the fridge. A strong floral,minty aroma fills the air and the chutney was creamy with enough of small bits(peas?) to provide an excellent mouthfil. Best chutney in KL indian mamak to date!

Fried Bittergourd: Raju’s version is done differently from the rest. The bittergourd is lightly coated with flour and fried till crispy together with the seeds. The bittergourd was something in between soft and crunchy while the seeds were super crunchy which gives a multi layered bite to this simple but interesting dish.
Thosai making machine: this machine was used to prepare the dough for the thosai. Interesting tool!

Selection of seafoods to be fried: there are tons of fresh seafood marinated in red spices for you to choose from. There are huge 7inchers Udang Galah (tiger prawn?), calamari, assorted fish as well as fish roes.. I’ll try them next time!