Devi’s Corner@Telawi Street, Bangsar

follow Demona: We had about an hour and a half to kill before sending Dogma off to catch the First Coach bus, thus we decided to have an extremely late tea / early dinner at Devi’s Corner at Telawi Street, Bangsar. It was almost impossible to get a parking lot at the viscinity of the area due to the weekly Sunday pasar malam. I ended up parking my car inside Bangsar Village itself for a whopping RM 4.50 price tag for a mere hour.

prezzo levitra contrassegno online The police were EXTREMELY “EFFICIENT” in issuing tickets for cars parked on the yellow lines (quite common due to lack of available parking lots),. If only they worked this hard in snatch thefts, robberies, molesters, flashers etc.

click here Demona: I BADLY wanted to eat the Tandoori Chicken as they looked nicely grilled, with burnt ends, and the meat looked delicious! Unfortunately, the waiter told us that the tandoori was still not properly cooked yet and it would take a long while more. With a huge heave of sigh, we settled for a piece of fried chicken.

The chicken was nicely deep fried. The chicken skin was fried long enough to turn it hardened, brown and extremely crunchy! It was marinated with tumeric as the taste was quite obvious and its meat had a faint yellow colouring. There wasn’t much bone for Dogma to do his routine chipmunk meat bone chewing.

Pandi’s at Seksyen 11, PJ still wins in frying chicken!

Demona: We also shared a plate of Maggi Mee Goreng. This dish was a major let down. It was very oily, and there was barely any spicy flavour taste in it, despite how reddish it looked. Dogma could easily win over this dish, even being blindfolded. His cooking skills are star quality material.

Demona: My regular dish, Egg Thosai was also a let down too. I had eaten this dish here once, but it tasted nice then. Maybe Ah Neh was in a foul mood today….
Nevertheless, the gravies given to go along with the Egg Thosai were yummy! They made great chicken curry and dhall. We both agreed that we could eat just about anything if the gravies were added in, even if the food tastes horrible!

Verdict: The meals, including a glass of Teh Ais ( Iced Milk Tea) cost us RM 9.30. Pretty decent price for what we had ordered, but Pandi’s still number 1 in our hearts!

Banana Leaf Restaurant@Centrepoint Bandar Utama

Demona: My close friend and I were aimless for dinner, and the wheels brought us to bandar utama. We finally decided to eat somewhere inside the Centrepoint. We walked around, and I saw a Kabayan Filipino outlet here as well, the one which Dogma had an extremely porky meal at. Finally, we settled down in the Banana Leaf Restaurant, one of the popular hang out spots for yam char sessions. The place usually starts to get crowded from 10 pm onwards. With the large number of regulars here, I had high hopes on what this place had to offer.

Demona: I ordered my regular egg thosai (YAWNS). The thosai was a major disappointment. It was very oily and not even fluffy on the middle part. The lousy chicken curry and overly watery dhall did not help make the food slightly more enjoyable.

Demona: Me friend ordered a roti telur. When I asked him how was his roti, he gave a cringed facial expression and shook his head. Well explained I guess.

Demona: We wanted to share a piece of fried chicken. There was not an inch of yummy-ness in the chicken too. Some parts of the meat even looked a little pale, as if it was not well cooked.

Verdict: Hit or Miss? MAJOR MISS. I guess the crowd came here for the ambience and location. Something has definitely gone wrong somewhere if food is answer to draw the crowd here.