Gelato treat@Swirl Gelateria, Crown Centre

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Generic clomid over the counter Demona: Ice cream treats are a definite MUST in our food venturing guidelines. In Singapore, we had tried Daily Scoop, Island Cremery, Tom’s Palate and some gelateria stalls in shopping malls.. and this time around, we made our way to Swirl Gelateria, located in Crown Centre.

We reached at around 11 am that day, and Swirl just opened its door to customers a short while before we arrived. The gelatos were still nicely stored in the fridge. We gave the lady owner some time to prepare and read newspapers and the available magazines lying around.

Demona: I took the honour of selecting the flavours this time. Somehow I was colour biased that day: Brown (Peanut butter, chocolate and coffee). The champion flavour went to the peanut butter. Its taste was intense and powerful, with chewy little chunks of peanuts in between.

All three flavours were very creamy. The chocolate and coffee flavoured gelatos were quite average though. Besides the creamy texture, the flavour of both were just slightly above average compared to the commercialized ones.

I did try other flavours before selecting these 3, but many of them tasted a too funky for my liking.

Verdict: It cost below 10 sgd for 3 flavours. There were a drawer full of board games by the door. After slurping down the last bit of melted gelato, we played a game of “sticks” and “Taboo” while the gelatos in our tummies gradually digested away. Needless to say, Demona was the champion-ness of Taboo!

With some cooling sugary treats in a fairly cozy corner, some interesting boardgames and fashion/tabloid magazinesis, Swirl is definitely quite pleasant if you are looking for a hang out place to spend time with your friends, in your sleeping shorts, messy hair, ungroomed look on a lazy weekend evening.

Daily Scoop Take 2@Clementi Arcade

Demona: I usually join Dogma on a few jogging sessions everytime I’m here in Singapore. Dogma lives nearby Daily Scoop. On our first visit here, we jogged our way to Clementi Arcade, sweating off all the calories only waiting to pile them back on with some icey, creamy sugary scoops of DS’s home made gourmet ice cream. The experience was great, therefore we vowed to return for round 2.

Since Dogma’s Jazz is on hands now, we did not jog here on our second visit. Bad girl, bad boy. Despite the heavy downpour that day, getting chills and clothings wet did not stop us from proceeding on with our plan.

(Accidentally scooped up part of Dogma’s head and specs as well. Oopsie)

Demona: We ordered a waffle topped with two scoops of ice cream, green tea and red bean flavour (Dogma’s choice) and hazelnut flavour (my choice). Cost was SGD 8.10.
The waffle was drizzled with Hershey’s chocolate syrup and icing sugar was sprinkled all over it. It took quite a long while for the waffle to arrive on our table. At first we thought that each waffle was freshly made, but Dogma caught a glimpse of a waffle placed into a microwave oven. Hmmmmmmmm…

Everyone around us seemed to be waiting for the waffles as well. Must be DS’s X-factor.

Demona: The green tea ice cream tasted alright. The grassy, herbal green tea flavour was definitely present. Small chunks of red bean were incorporated in between the green coloured ice cream. However, its taste did not match with the waffle. It’s better off eaten on its own.

The hazelnut ice cream was also so so. The hazelnut flavour was locked in it, the texture was smooth, however something felt lacking to give this ice cream a big UMPH to it. Maybe additions of chopped hazelnuts would be nicer.

The waffle was not as great as I thought it would be. Its layer was a bit thin, thus when you eat it with the ice cream, you can’t get a nice, solid, hearty crunch of the waffle. The buttery sweet taste of the waffle was quite nice, but if its texture was harder and it had a thicker layer, this dessert would have been an A scorer.

Verdict: The ice cream that we had on our first trip here was much better. I think one of it was the chocolate ice cream. If I remembered correctly, it was smoothly dark brown in colour, with a smooth, sweet, chocolatey taste locked in it. The flavour was not there on our second visit there.

The ice creams at DS are fairly nice, but it hasn’t gotten me hooked on with an ugly craving of wanting to have more, and more, and more, and more from here yet. However, I believe that we will make our third visit here sometime in the near future.

P/s: Any great flavours to recommend us to try at DS?