Home made gelato@Palazzo Nomena

Viagra generico economico With the little time we have to walk around Rome city, we scurried around as much as we could with the help of an experienced Rome traveller, YK (who had been here once and raved how well he knew Rome already).

clomid price in mercury drug philippines products We came to the artsy fartsy part of Rome, with street musicians playing really cool music, talented artists selling their bestwork, mimes (no picts taken as we would be charged), street magicians etc. One really fun place to be with. Reminded me of Camden.

Saw this little girl quietly sitting down to have her portrait drawn. After looking at her face, and looking at the drawing.. I really do not know if I would want to pay him to draw me, like that.

Demona: The ‘Rome’ traveller told us to hold our thirsty tongues as we walked past, many of the many, many, many ice cream shops until we were wondering if he knew which ice cream we should try.

Until we stumbled upon this shop, which had an extra word that said ” Fatto de casa”, apparently meant “Home Made”.

I had the vanilla and nutella gelato, the rest ordered pistachio and chocolate. Vanilla was really good, but the best flavour went to the chocolate. So so rich, chocolatey yet not too sweet.
Our fingers were freezing holding the cold cup. But yeah, it was truly a nice experience taking small bites of ice cream, while walking around with some romantic music playing on the background. Would be perfect if there is a partner with you taking a stroll.

Japanese Ice Creams@Ishikari

While chilling out at the Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre after a few hours of house hunting around the area, we bumped into a japanese junk grocery store and got ourselves some japanese ice cream to kill off the heat…

You gotta pay kudos to the guys from the Land of the Sun, who scored A++ in marketing and packaging their products.
The vanilla / chocolate ice cream waffle was half as good as the packaging..thou extremely creamy, i prefer my ice cream to pack a solid bite feel.

The green tea ice cream basically saves the day… Demona knew that i was a die hard green tea fanatic all the while and she was “pandai” in choosing the creamy, thick green tea flavoured ice cream for me…The ice cream had a nice texture, while packing a full bus load of green tea flavour.. MM MMM Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!