Day 2 spiritual and foodie blessings!@Yeoju summer retreat

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Despite it being a hot summer in Korea in August, us Malaysians who grow up with the tropical weather quickly grew accustomed to the humidity and heat. After dawn service, I slipped on a T-shirt and my Sketchers and sprinted up to the prayer mountain. I surprised myself by climbing up in less than 10 minutes, as opposed to my previous years taking at least a good 20 minute hike up. Practice makes perfect!

As I was walking up, I caught a glimpse of Rev Abraham Park’s resting place in Huisun Garden, through the shades of greens from the dense forest. The cool breeze blew over my face and hair as I gazed through the leaves. Another snippet of heaven. ๐Ÿ™‚


Made it to the top! With the prayer mat laid nicely on the edge of the cliff, I kneeled down and looked up to the vast sky overlooking the mountains. Perhaps this was how Moses felt as he went up Mt Sinai. And imagine, communicating directly with Father Himself. No one could ask for more.

I quickly settled in and opened up my heart to pray. The soft mutters and tiny sniffles from other church members praying nearby, would tear down any hardened hearts. As more and more congregation members gathered to pray, the sound of prayers gradually grew louder.

As I closed my eyes and tilted up my face towards the skies, I imagined the sound of millions, or even billions of saints praying, would escalated thousands of decibles. Gosh, perhaps that sound would resemble the flapping wings of cherubims and angels.


The after- feeling of delivering my prayer at the prayer mountain was always uplifting and encouraged. With a sense of completeness and calmness, I strolled down and headed back to the dorm to wash up.

The walk up and down sure worked up an appetite alright! I made it in time for breakfast and hurrah, bulgogi and sollongtang! Delicious food to consume along without guilt! Since I had some form of “exercise” for my body on top of a spiritual exercise hehe. Alright, let’s head to the next lecture!

Early bday surprise from mom@Home


Home is where I catch up on my childhood foodies and sleep. My body had announced to me how tired I had been as I napped from 4pm till 9pm. Mom woke me up for dinner (eat again!) And there came this gorgeous looking mango cake!

This is indeed truly home made (by one of the lady friends in Taiping). You won’t get commercialised cakes with such mango on it. A wonderful early birthday gift from mom!


And it was oishi des! The cake was yoghurt based, hence the texture was mildly dense. Great thing about it was that it wasn’t sweet! And full of mango flavours (the mangoes were really sweet). I was so tempted to have a second slice but darns…I already had a big plateful of dishes for dinner before this came along.

Guess I’m gonna have a mango-filling Saturday tomorrow! Teeheehee.

The cake is made by AG’S. Anyone who is keen to order, can drop me a message.
This cake weighs at 1.5kg, and priced at RM80. Definitely worth paying with the abundance of fruits and quality in taste.

Foodieventura recommended!