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Following are some snapshots of food I cooked in Delft, Holland in 2004 during my studies there.
Beautiful place beautiful pll and beautiful memory..
Forza Poptahof!
my first home made meal in Holland. Brough it to school for lunch but I was dead hungry 30mins after eating this. It took awhile to get used to eating bread for lunch/dinner without getting hungry during winter time.
brussels sprouts in spicy tomato sauce. ( the small dishes are done by our columbian friend, Adriana. It’s mashed avacado, tomato salad + fried banana. not bad.)
old amsterdam cheese, old gouda cheese plus spicy cheese.
Roti Goreng
First attempt on rice in holland

trout chinese style

Dogma Steak@Summer Apt

“HAIYA!” Tenderizing Karate Chop: 70% will, 20% strength and 10% skills for breaking down the lamb shoulder. The meat was marinated in Taylors port, pepper, chilli powder before going thru the excruciating chop. Kid, never try this at home!

Omelette in Pesto sauce: Made this plain omelette with some left overs pesto sauce (feta cheese and spinach pesto sauce) The pesto sauce add alittle tangy herby flavour to the other wise plain omelette. Ohh, chili powder was added too for the sake of Demona the Chili Gobbler
Steamed Brocolli: Ok, this aint actually steamed but hey, it sure sounded better than Boiled Brocolli. Demona took care of this dish as she is the expert in greens.

Terrorized Lamb Shoulder in Brutally hot Olive oil: Lamb shoulder being pan fried on extra virgin olive oil. To enjoy a juicy lamb chop, always have it medium rare. Slightly pan fried on both side, you could tell it’s a good piece of meat when the kitchen is filled with beautiful lamby aromas.

The result: Steamed brocolli, pesto omellette, medium rare lambshoulder and wine reduction sauce for the lamb. The sauce was made from left over olive oil from frying the lamb, ketchup, taylor’s lbv port , some mustard and chilli powder for the tangy spicy flavour!

Medium rare lamb: MMMmmm

Indon Peanuts: Demona stole some indon peanuts from my housemates. (bad bad girl). She commented it was pretty nice.

Verdict: Another enjoyable home cooking session with Demona. Fabulous!