Happy Chinese New Year to all foodieventurers who are celebrating! :)

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http://buy-generic-clomid.com This year proved to be very different from all my previous CNYs. I left for home on the eve of CNY after Lord’s Day Service instead of the usual few days prior CNY routine. Less of us are home this time around, and we had our steamboat at my home’s backyard inside of the living hall, and the wind was blowing cool breeze the whole night long..hey, even cicadas came to join us this year!

The Muscadet worked well to open up the appetite, while the boys get the food boiling in the steaming hot pot of tomyam soup. Slightly sweet with a little taste of grass and honey and pineapples, glides down pretty smooth. Kinda reminds me of a sauv blanc. It is quite good to drink on its own without food.

But hey, there were 7 of us drinkers so one bottle finished in an instant. I opened the Rioja Reserva 2007 at the same time too to let it breathe. It really needed to.

The first glass after about 15 minutes or so, was quite overwhelming. Heavy, beefy, leathery…very macho man feeling of a drink. Even on the nose too.

But amazingly after leaving it for a good 5 minutes or so, it changed altogether. All that heaviness just got lifted up, into this smooth, reduced leathery, beefy taste, turned a little sweet. I was caught by surprise!

Next thing I know, my dad was ushering to finish up the bottle than leaving any leftovers. Well I was thinking what”s the rush, I don’t have a problem finishing it..little did I know when I went back for the final 1/4 bottle left in the fridge, dad had slurped every last bit of it. @_@…I guess that’s a win for dad’s thumbs up on red wine?


At TLCC earlier Sunday morning, we were also treated with the traditional Korean rice cakes lunch, formally eaten on the Lunar New Year too. This was a great feeling as well to start the New Year with the family of Christ and with the Word of God!

2016’s gonna be a great year for everyone as Father’s with us !

Giong Hee Huat Chai!

Sandwich-making mode on fire@home


I’ve been on a sandwich making mode lately, found it somewhat therapeutic in a strange way. Maybe because my cooking skills are under average heh. Coupled with the laziness too. Baking to me is easy, quick, and delicious!

Bought some nice loaves from the old skool bakery at Plaza Damas 1, where the loaves and freshly baked and taste pretty good.

Slapped in the loaf slices, added some bacon chips and cracked in two eggs. Herbs are a must for me. I used the basil shreds bought in Rome, added small dashes of pepper, and shredded them over some old skool parmesan.

Toasted them over 180C degrees for 30minutes. Mean time, while I wait.. John, Harold, Shaw, Root and Bear kept me company!

Ting ting ting. The bell rang. My toast is ready. Bon appetit with Harold & gang!


The french loaf from the Plaza Damas bakery is really quite delicious as well. Made two different renditions, this one added some balance bacon chips, and sliced white mushrooms and rocket salad. Slapped in a slice of butter of course (don’t do justice for a French loaf toasted without butter!)

Wacked some parmesan on the top, drizzled them over with a lil bit of extra virgin just to let the bread cook a little crunchier.

Put in the oven at 160C degrees for about 20mins, and whoah-lah! Happy happy, happened.


Jaya Grocer at Mont Kiara, is an interesting find. Fresh produce, with rather good pricing compared to the other grocers nearby. Maybe because it is a little hidden whilst the rest are located in the community malls like Hartamas Shopping Centre and One Mont Kiara.

The Italian sausages are fresh, soft and they do not have that irky porky smell you get sometimes when you buy old meat. Sliced a couple of it and put them in the middle of the loaf, with some butter and Italian tomato paste, sprinkled over some oregano and popped them into the oven.

Thinking of the next sandwich recipe. Whee!