Christmas Eve Dinner by Dogma@Clementi

clomid drug store Demona: I cleared off the last few days of my annual leaves, and took a week break to visit Dogma in Singapore. I arrived on Christmas Eve night, and when I got home, Dogma surprised me with one of the most interesting Christmas dinners I’d ever had!

Demona: He came into the room with this plate. Filled with pieces of chunky ham, a fried salmon patty, a slice of lemon, a chunky slice of brie and some mayonaise and mustard. They looked really tasty! My tummy was growling like thunder in a storm already!

Demona: Dogma bought a pack of rye bread from IKEA. I had seen this before in IKEA, KL but had never tasted it.

Demona: This was how it looked like. It was powdery on the surface, had an extremely crunchy texture, it was dry and bland, similar to a cracker. The nature of this rye bread made it really suitable for the dishes Dogma had prepared.

Demona: Dogma also bought a tube of crab roe as a spread for the rye bread. Everything was written in Swedish.

Demona: The crab roe spread on the piece of crispy rye bread was an excellent combination! The spread was very flavourful, salty, and the taste of the crab meat was intense. It was definitely easy to eat this since you could control the amount of roe depending on how much you want. Doesn’t this look extremely yummy from up close?

Demona: This was a pack of thinly sliced smoked salmon meat with peppers and chillies. It was pretty spicy and salty, but the meat was a little too dry. The portion per pack was very big. We could not finish it.

Demona: The salmon patty which was fried by Dogma, then drizzled over with some lemon juice tasted really delicious! The patty was around an inch thick, making every bite just, plain juicy and lovely! The patty could be used to create an awesome seafood burger.

Demona: With a little piece of rye bread, a thinly sliced smoked salmon, and a small cut of creamy brie, spells KA-BOOM!

Chateau Les Palais 1999: should be around 50sgd.
Demona: I was given the honour by Dogma to open this wine bottle to complement our Christmas dinner. For further elaboration on the wine, I shall let Dogma take over the post review.

Dogma: Another gem from Lebenaton. The wine exhibit sign of age with its reduced dark redness. Strong hints of herbal and juicy fruits on the nose supported by some leather saddle. The nose and palate are all about smoothness. Harmony from front to end palate. Some tertiary herbal note at the end palate as well. It is not a multilayered complex wine but well made nevertheless.

Demona: The ABBA Lumpfish Roe was another great product bought by Dogma from IKEA. I had no idea what a lumpfish is, thus I googled it and found out that they are small marine fishes found in the cold waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic, and North Pacific oceans.

The roe of larger species is used extensively in Danish cuisine as well as a delicious and affordable alternative to the wildly expensive caviar.

The roe was an excellent accompaniment to the rye bread, cheese, salmon, and crab roe! Delicious! At least, they did not smell over fishy and they were not too salty.

Demona: Another up close pict with a small piece of rye bread spread with brie and lumpfish roe. Speechless. Ultimate deliciousness.

Demona: After dinner, we moved on to desserts and chips and played a movie, 881. (The calorie meter had busted its scales).

Demona: This was our first time trying out this brand of chips as we usually get the Ruffles, Lays or Doritos. (These chips are so much more cheaper here! They cost twice as much in Malaysia)

Although, they looked really peculiar for consumption due to the bright blue colour, but once you had popped, you could not stop! Each chip was very crunchy, with a nice starchy taste to it and it was not very salty. No, our tongues did not turn blue alright.

Demona: Dogma pleasantly surprised me by showing me two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in the freezer! SLURPS!

I chose the Strawberry Cheesecake flavour.

Demona: I told Dogma ,”One spoonful, one spoonful only”. Next thing I knew, half a tub went flowing into our tummies. He had to stop me from finishing it by taking the spoon away. GRRRRRRRRRR.

The ice cream was sweet, creamy, and I JUST LOVE ice cream with some added chewiness very much eg: chocolate chips, nuts, cheese cake bits, cookie bits, brownie chunks etc. However, I think Haagan-Daz has a better rendition of this flavour. Nevertheless, it was HEAVENLY. I was flying. I was beamed with sugar high happiness.

Verdict: A simple, home cooked Christmas dinner with sincere efforts by someone dear to you, enjoying every bite of food with full comfort in your PJs, faint christmas carol songs playing on the laptop, and a toast with a glass of lovely wine to wish one another at midnight.

This was by far, one of the most memorable christmas celebrations I ever had. A seafood fishy one too!

Mom’s cooking@Home

Demona: I was back home for a weekend break. Mom cooked her signature popiah (spring rolls) dish for us. She makes the best popiah that I’ve ever tasted! These were the ingredients which she had cooked. The ingredients ranged from pork slices, lettuce leaves, boiled bean sprouts, prawns, eggs, tofu chunky pieces, carrots, radish, long beans, home made chilli paste and sweet sauce.

Demona: This was the pot of radish stewed with “Bark Phuey” (pork skin), for few hours to lock the flavour into the radish. Mom makes this dish really, really, really well! I am a big fan of squids, and thinking those which I saw inside the pot were squid meat, I took a few pieces of them to eat as well.

Upon eating the second piece, I noticed short stubble hairs on its skin surface, something like what you can see on a man’s goatee. Feeling confused, I asked my mom on how was it possible to have hair on a squid. She burst out laughing, and told me that it was pork skin, and not squid. The reason why hair was present on the skin was that it was not meant to be eaten but for flavouring purposes. I felt sick right after. Looking at this picture again, made me a little nauseated too.

Demona: Wrapping my own popiah! Soaked my popiah with tons of chilli paste.

Demona: Ta-dah! DIY popiah! I think I wacked down at least 4 popiah for that lunch meal.

Demona: Another signature dish from mom! Her “Bark Kien” (meat rolls wrapped with beancurd skin and deep fried). Till today, no where else makes better Bark Kien than my own mom. NO WHERE ELSE. If she sells this, she’ll make big bucks. I promise Dogma to let him try out the next time we’re both back home.

Demona: YET another signature dish from mom! I guess she really pampers us well. Everytime any of us are home, she’ll cook our favourite dishes! My mom makes one of the best prawn crackers I’ve ever eaten. Many friends of hers already asked for her recipe, and even with it, they can never make the crackers as perfect as my mom’s. They’re flavourful, crunchy but airy in the middle, and her chilli flavoured ones are even tastier!

Demona: This is one of my personal favourite dishes. Her chilli chicken dish. Its curry-like, yet not too “lemak” unlike other chicken curry dishes which make me feeling uneasy all over if I had too much of them. She usually chooses boneless thigh chicken meat chunks, then stew them with the curry paste, until the meat become tender and the sauce thickens. YUMMY!!

Demona: This is also another vegetable dish which she cooks really, really well. Its a spicy dish, with a mixture of tofu, chillies, long beans, carrot chunks and pork fat slices. The choice of vegetables are of the crunchy texture, making each bite a real kick! SLURPS!

Verdict: Home cooked food in always the most hearty, tastiest, and most importantly, sincere!