Home cooked hokkien food@Ang Hoay Lor, Jalan Gurdwara, Penang

source The sky was blue. Hardly any clouds. The ground temperature was possibly 35C. Two words: scorching heat.

soft viagra canadian online drugstore Yet, my customer was keen to introduce me this restaurant since he found out I am a hokkien hailing from the north.

source url Ang Hoay Lor from outside, looked pretty unseemly, no bright red chairs or flashy signboards. Just a vintage looking signboard with the 3 words. Easily passed by, hardly noticed.

source url Lunch was late. We arrived ar 2.30 pm hence the lunch crowd was long gone. Food came quick and we had the first dish: Hokkien char / fried in English, with pork meat. Strangely, this shop does not sell chicken meat/beef. Only pork. Now that is what we call: ada gaya/ got attitude. Me like. They know what they’re good at and master at it.

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/ Although I am not big fan of yellow noodles, I gotta say…this dish was pretty unique. The gravy is slightly starchy, savoury, and its colour was gray. I don’t recall my mom or grandma cooking noodles in this style, but I think there are some similarities in the flavourings as I got the strong vibes of home cooked feeling.


Fish slices

These fish slices with spring onions and ginger were really authentic home cooked style. The freshness of the fishes was quite alright, but the dish did somewhat remind me of home and gave a calm peaceful feel eating it.


Home made fried tofu

Apparently, they are famous for their home made tofu dish, which really struck home. It really tasted home made and the simplicity if the style of cooking fueled the home cooked feel further.

I really felt at ease and relaxed while having lunch here. As if my business meal was in my kitchen.

Total damage was RM 45. .

I got to give it to the chefs who really made us all feel at home while eating at AHL. For hokkien dish lovers, noteworthy to give it a try.

260, Jalan Gurdwara (Brick Kiln Road),
10300, Jelutong, Pulau Pinang,
Tel: 04-262 4841


The next available Wan Tan Mee@Chulia Street, Penang


Next best thing

After wrapping up work at about 9 pm, we wanted to have a quick and simple dinner before calling it day. Our man here was in some unexplainable deep craving for wan tan mee.

We drove to Chulia street but unfortunately, the famous stall selling wan tan mee just outside the furniture shop was closed for the day.

Hunger pangs. We parked, and settled down for the next best thing: another wan tan mee stall, just a stone throw away.


Wan tan mee

There was something about red coloured char siews on my noodles that I just could not agree on. I like my charsiews REALLY grilled and not coloured.

This bowl of wan tan noodles had absolutely nothing to shout about. Plain jane, nothingto gain. RM 3.30. OK-lah.

It was an extremely hot day, and I’d thought I load myself up with some vits to avoid falling sick again. The orange juice had no ice and no sugar, hence half a cup @_@. This is a materialistic world. Orange juice was…..normal. As a matter of fact, a little sour for me.

But, I gotta give a thumbs up for just having these by the road side. Watching foreign tourists’ high enthusiasm to have a taste of local food. Under a cool wind breeze. Pretty awesome way to end a long day.


Pretty good CKT


Ample duck eggs

Of course! What is Penang, without Char Kueh Teow? I missed out taking note of the kopitiam’s name, it is located at a corner lot of a row of shophouses near Green Road.

This nameless, unseemly, not spoken of CKT, did kick up a storm! The portion was not big, a great thing for ladies and also it won’t get you feeling sleepy because of a heavy breakfast. The CKT was fried with duck eggs, giving them a daffodil like bright yellow colour.

More Penang foodieventures to come!