Amazing noodles@Tuck Kee Restaurant, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh One of the top foodie bloggers, Motormouth was the reason why I came here. He quoted that this place served the best “wa tan hor” and the photos made my tummy growled so bad I diverted to Ipoh for dinner on the way heading home.

here The entire restaurant was full when I arrived. Thankfully, a family left soon after otherwise I’d probably need to wait for some time before I get a place to sit.

go here image My first dish: blanched octopus! Soaked in hot water for several seconds and then taken out, drizzled over with garlic oil and soy sauce before serving. This dish reminded me so much of Korean cuisine. I never knew the locals here love eating octopus this way too.

The chilli sauce for dipping was fiery, gave a powerful “syok” kick when you dip the octopus bits in.

RM 10, worthy dish. 8.5/10


The herbal eggs are a dollar each. And they were yummylicious too! Do not be fooled by its regular average egg size. The yolk was quite rich and even eating half an egg, filled up a fairly big portion from your tummy. Pretty yums! 7/10.


Looks unattractive. Boring. Nothing much to say. But its taste is a 360degree otherwise. A perfect complement to the noodles!


The portion was for 1 pax and it was quite a generous one too! The eggy gravy later was super thick, suger eggy and full of savoury flavours! The wok hei was all infused into the dark brown strips of rice noodles, fried with skills! You can find strips of pork, fish cake etc. This verdict I would give 8.5/10! RM5.

Motormouth always speaks the truth with commendable foodie reviews. It was one of the BEST wa tan hors I ever had in my whole life. The other one was in Sin Loong Yong, in old town. Fried by a really elderly uncle on his working desk , the trishaw, behind this kopitiam.


This dish is known as Yu Kong Hor, literal translation that brings about the egg being the moonlight that surrounds the noodles. This is the trademark dish of Tuck Kee. After vigorously stirring the eggs and mixing them with the noodles, the after effects of the noodle was like AMAZING. Gluttony unleashed!

I would rate this 8.5/10 too. RM 6. Absolutely worth every dollar to try these two noodles out!


When one comes to Ipoh, almost always everyone will tell you that you must eat beansprouts in Ipoh because they are fatter, sweeter and juicier than normal beansprouts. This dish was average: 5/10. RM 3. Not as FSJ as I thought they would be.

Everything that taste and look better here eg: food, vegs, drinks, people etc are usually linked the fresh mountain water source with minerals.

One of the famous long standing “rumour has it” that is linked to the fresh water is the beauty of the local ladies in Ipoh. Coincidentally, the few ladies I know today who hail from Ipoh are eye turners!

Total damage: RM27. So friggin’ affordable for the quality and quantity I am getting from this dinner. With the same exact food and portion per food served in KL would have easily cost me twice as much.

I liked it so much that I came back again for supper two weeks later! Good job Tuck Kee!

No 61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +605-253 7513
Opens from 5pm onwards until late night (I was there at and they were still tons of people there)


Penang hawker food gluttony unleashed round 2@Green House, Burmah Road, Penang


Fried carrot cake

Our makan kaki friend, Kelvin queued up at the uncle’s three wheeler stall by the side of Burmah road to pack away some fried carrot cake, and this uncle had been frying his trademark dish for eons of years.

Spicylicious and eggylicious! Our throats were on happy fire and we were perspiring throughout our meals. Full of wok hei!


Prawn mee

This was the only prawn mee I had in my entire lifr with THAT MUCH ingredients. Fish balls, pork balls, roast pork, fish cake slices, prawns, herbal eggs…it was madness. Probably a little too much ingredients which cause the soup to lose a little of its original taste. Super spicy and I was raining from head to toe eating it thanks to the humid weather and poor air ventilation at Green House.

Next time, I’ll ease on the addition of extra ingredients. Too much for one serving! Lol.


Ba kut teh

Tons of penangites were queuing up for the BKT in Green House. And our friend Ken was keen to taste how much greater it is compared to Klang’s BKT. His verdict: not bad, soup is pretty strong in the taste of herbs and the meat was quite tender.

Winner still belongs to Klang!


Supper time!

These meals had yet to digest, and we went for supper again several hours later. And ate all these! No wonder I can’t buckle my pants and can’t see properly (vision blocked by puffy cheeks).

Gaining weight in Penang, is all worth it!

Green House,
Burmah Road (somewhere nearby opposite HimHeang)