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James has recommended this place at Clementi Ave 5, blk 350 for a good value dimsum brunch. Together with A and S, we went to there to check it out on a lazy New Year Day 2008.

cialis super active no prescription The dimsum were all priced at 1.50SGD per servings and it tasted pretty good. The stall uses generous amount of real meat/fish and absent are the usual plasticky texture and bland flavour found in many of the lower end dimsum. What makes this stall even better was they steam each serving after you’d ordered them. Steamy fresh dimsum really spice up your life. The total bill come up to 12.50SGD for a table of 3.

get link We were discussing about the satisfaction of restaurant grade dimsum (kamboat, WahLok, Crystal Jade, Imperial Treasure etc) compared to this stall, and I would like to offer my humble opinion: Here goes my DimSum Satisfaction Theorem

soft viagra prescriptions DimSum Satisfaction = Ingredient + Ambience + Taste + Presentation + Value
Crystal Jade DimSum Score = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5
Clementi DimSum Score = 0.6 + 0.7 + 0.8 + 0.6 + 2 = 4.7

http://afternooncrumbs.com/?search=cheapest-lasix (Crystal Jade dimsum score is being used as an illustration and the score were all normalized to 1. Comparing the Clementi Hawker dimsum, there is a distinct difference in ingredient/presentation and a dip in taste factor. However, with each servings costing less than half of Crystal Jade’s, the superb value found in this hawker stall more than compensate the shortcomings in other of the score components.

We also ordered the claypot chicken rice at the same kopitiam. It is overly oily, lacking in wokhei, lacking in charred rice base. The substandard Chinese sausages used did not help as well. Demona had drenched them in chilli but it did not save the dish. The rice just did not lock in any flavour. A thorough disappointment. SKIP!

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Binjai Park

go Demona: We met A and S at Binjai Park for dinner at the chinese restaurant at the corner lot on the left end. They suggested dinner at this place from their previous eventful visits to this restaurant.

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Demona: We ordered a plate of PHAI KUAT WONG. A fairly big portion for us, each having 2 pieces at least. The PKW was pretty chunky, and its taste was pretty average. It was not as juicy and tender as compared to the ones which I had eaten in Koon Kee.

Demona: Dogma saw the word “CHILLI” right through me. Before I could open my mouth to request for one, he quickly told the lady boss to bring some sambal over. The sambal added an extra kick to the PKW! (And yes, I wiped the sambal clean. BURPS)

Demona: S ordered the claypot tofu with mixed vegetables. It had slices of tofu, pork, squid, a few prawns, and a variety of vegetables eg: baby corn, cabbage, mushroom etc. The taste of this dish was quite predictable.. salty, osyter sauce, sticky. Basically a dish to get some fibres from the greens.

Demona: We also ordered a plate of kangkung belacan. I did not find this dish worthy. The belacan taste was minimal and not spicy at all, which were two key points that you look for in this dish. One thing good about this was that it was not very oily unlike most kangkung belacan dishes.

Demona: The star dish, fish head curry! We wanted a smaller portion but they only came in one sized portion that cost SGD 16. We gawked at the bowl of steaming hot, fish head curry which was gigantic in size. Initially, we were a little worried that we could not finish our food, but I guessed that the spicy steamy curry increased our metabolic rate alright!

The curry was flavourful, very “LEMAK” (coconut milk), and spicy! The added vegetables were brinjals (AIYOYO!), cabbages and long beans and they had all the curry juices well locked in. Thus, when you bit the vegetables, the curry juice would burst in your mouth, something like a “XIAO LONG BAO” (Steamed pork dumplings).

Dogma was perspiring like crazy and had to stop eating after a while to cool down. Despite dampening in sweat, he was widely smiling. I happily dug out most of the brinjals. The fish meat was tender and no fishy smell was present.

Verdict: A super value for money meal. For a meal of 4, the total cost was only SGD 38.90. This would average out around SGD 10 per pax. Bear in mind, we needed to unbuckle our belts and burped a lot after dinner.