Chicken rice revisit@Sin Nam Huat Roasted Chicken and Duck Rice, Macallister Road, Penang


20 mg prednisone side effects Justttttt right opposite Loh Guan Lye hospital

prehospital use of lasix It had been a year since I last came here and all I had were wonderful memories. As my next visit was to Loh Guan Lye itself, what could be more perfect that parking right in front of the shop itself (we were lucky of course) and grabbing a quick bite at this delicious place!

prednisone 15 mg ml sol As it was already late (about 2 p.m), the lunch crowd had sorta subsided, leaving behind some remnant like lunch go-ers who worked till late like myself. Otherwise, there would always be a long queue at peak like lunch hours. I was extremely hungry by now and on top of this 2 pax portion of siew yoke and siew kai, I gluttonly added 1 more pax portion of siew kai. The chicken was evenyl roasted and had a smokey slight burnt taste at the outer skin layer, but retained the softness inside.

enter The siew yoke was also not too fatty. Since I was really hungry, I skipped my routine habit of digging out the lard bits as the lard layers were thin.

cialis 20 mg The portion was not that big for 2, and I told my colleague that I myself could finish all of these. @_@. Pretty worthy chicken rice in my opinion. Not really cheap though, I paid about RM 32 in total, for 3 pax roast chicken, 2 pax roast pork and 2 plates of rice. @_@. Pricier than KL eh?

watch Address:
Jalan Macalister,
10400, Penang, Malaysia
(Just opposite of new building of Hospital Loh Guan Lye.)

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Third lunch re-visit@Ping Wah Restaurant, Taman Paramount PJ image

One of my girlfriends had been craving for PW’s stuffed pork yaocharkuey and we decided to fulfill her cravings today.

PW is run by Mr Joe Hoo (his photo is in this picture) and he was always there when we came. What a passionate owner! He even personally came to take our orders.

PW is founded upon the love and inspiration of Mr Joe’s father’s home cooked Hainanese food. I remembered his dad even offered us his home made sambal belacan on our last visit here (which was fiery awesome btw)


We were creatures of habit, ended up ordering the same dishes we had previously. This herbal-like chicken dish with preserved vegetables was awesome. Kampung chicken was used hence, you don’t see all those fatty bits you normally get from those farm-bred fattened chicken. If I was really hungry and gluttony, I honestly think I can possibly finish the entire dish on my own. Yikes!


This is a widely known PW dish, sliced potatoes cooked with pork. Many foodie blogs reviewed on this and you can never go wrong when with a dish that constantly gets the popular tag in the many reviews on PW. I guess the combination of the savoury starchy goodness with the meaty bits was a perfect fit. This dish reminded me a lot of mom’s ‘orh nee’ (thinly sliced steamed yam rolls).


Simple stir fried vegetables with a hint of chopped garlic bits can never go wrong. Nothing fancyful about its flavour, just a fibre intake and palate cleansing dish for me.


Finally, my girlfriend’s long awaited craving was fulfilled when we were served with this. The sauce base was sweet and sour. These yowcharkueys were stuffed with minced pork and re-fried to perfect crunchiness and drizzled over with the spicy sweet and sour sauce. Chopped pineapples were added to push tro the ‘Zing’ factor. Yummylicious!

Total damage per pax was about RM15 with drinks.

This place is definitely a lunch-keeper! We shall visit here soon!

Kedai Kopi Ping Wah
31, Jalan 20/16,
Taman Paramount,
Petaling Jaya (just next to Giant hypermarket).
Tel: 03-7875 8987 and 012-2848754.
Business hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm & 5.30pm to 9.45pm (closed on Sundays).

For those who wants to know more, it seems Mr Joe has set up a dedicated website for all his foodie fans