Baden Baden @Holland V

see url Y and I went to Baden Baden in Holland V for my Post Birthday Celebration

click It was bad bad bad from the start. We were quite full and decided to have a glass of beer each. Since they are having a one for one promotion, we decided to order 1 beer and get the other one free. I’d explained to the waiter carefully our decision to share,and he just nodded and says will bring a beer each for us.
Before he left I suspect something was amiss and asked him ” so total 2 beers?”
He said ” No, 4 beers”

dove comprare levitra online WHAT??? I tot you understood me?! After prolong discussion and clarification, he finally mentioned that it is the house rule that each of us have to order a beer each resulting in 2 beers per head.
I mean, hey it’s fine if you have such rules, but please be upfront about it.

acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Firenze Erdinger Weissbeer and Dunkel@10sgd each: Full of controversy for night. The weissbeer was very floral and slightly on the extra sweet side. Entrance was smooth but lacking in bite and acidity for my liking. The dunkel was fuller body, but the hopness level was low. I would vote for Brewerkz IPA still!
Sausage Platter@15sgd: So so sausage. The white sausages were basically tasteless and soggy. Only the spicy thin red sausage was worth mentioning. The sauerkraut is disastrous. It was dry, not salty and not tangy. Basically just tasteless. Felt like an overnight/overcook sauerkraut. Mash potato was too dry. yucks.
Rosti@8sgd: Pan fried potato swiss style with sour cream. How can you go wrong on a plate of fried potato topped with sour cream? The sour cream was flat and diluted. yucks. The potato slices was well fried but the dull sour cream jsut killed it.

go site The dinner took a nosedive when i asked for some tartar sauce and mustard to spice up my rosti and sausages.

Waiter: It cost 1 dollar for each servings of the tartar sauce and mustard..
ME: Mouth wide open

Come on, even McDonald’s don’t charge for extra pack of mayo/tartar and a “boutique” German bar/restaurant in Holland V have to charge me for that pack of tartar?

Down you go you bad baddie bad Baden Baden.
Life is a bitch: Cufflinks from Y as my bday gift.