Pork Burger@Kissaten, Jaya One, PJ

enter Many have probably raved or blogged about Kissaten’s pork burger by now.. And finally I’m trying it.

http://colonialoaksgc.com/?search=milrinone-drug-contraindications-with-viagra I gotta say.. It was, a really good pork burger. Meat was juicy and tender, and the egg was nicely fried too, and a bit sweet also, as I noticed that it was a bit caramelized.

get link The rest of the ingredients: vegs, buns etc were typical accompaniments, nonetheless.. Yums!!!

drugs med pharmacy viagra Enough for a lady’s tummy on a greedy day, but may not for a hungry man.

http://pray4awakening.com/?search=viagra-generic-canada-discount-drugs Cost RM 11-12, can’t recall the exact digits.

A thank-you dinner@Garibaldi, Bangsar Village


A clinician society threw a thank-you dinner to all companies and commitee members for the hard work done last year.

discount viagra online  Personally, i was shocked that this meal cost nearly rm300 including water and wine ( not sure which wine was served as the bottle was placed far away from me).

viagra drug rep movies My conclusion remains: the best dish was the appetizer ciabatta.

viagra professional from online drugstore uk The scallop was quite tender, chewy, fresh.

viagra marijuana drug interaction The braised veal with risotto turned out lousier than my previous bday experience here. The veal was not as tender as juicy as i had it last time, and until now my fav still stays with Sage. The risotto was a little undercooked too.

clomid false positive drug test The lobster bisque was quite unique. I could really taste the bitter citrus flavour added. Some of them did not really enjoy its bitterness, and expected the bisque to be typically creamy, unlike this one.


Dessert was soo… Normal.

The connoursior vaguely remembered me tho’ I remembered him clearly. He ushered me to return for my third visit.

I am Not… So…Sure… After this experience.