A revisit after 7 years@Au Petit Salut, Harding Road

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comprare Viagra generico consegna rapida Vague memories of 7 years ago started to flow in as I walked down the steps heading into Au Petit Salut. I came here once for a business lunch and was blown away by the service and deliciousness of the food! I was looking forward towards the quality of our dinner 7 years after.

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get link I selected the dinner set menu, at SGD 98++. You will never be able to eat food like these at the price of 98 MYR in Malaysia. Time abd time again I am reminded of how weak our currency is. Grrrrrr…

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=miglior-sito-per-acquistare-viagra-generico-25-mg-spedizione-veloce-a-Torino The first dish, the appetizer was the slow cooked norwegian mackerel with bergamot puree. Gotta say..this was quite delicious. The fish was fresh and blended in really well with the freshness of the sweetened puree and flower petals.

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see This was the cauliflower and white chocolate emulsion, and hidden underneath were pomegranates, topped with small drizzles if basil oil. This dish was a first for me. The moment I started stirring, bits of foam arose, like bubble bath. It was quite rich hence I did not finish it all, and only dug up the lovely rubies below. A little too rich for my liking.

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After a rich dish, came another rich dish. Sauteed duck foie gras with chocolate drizzles, almond slices, port soaked currents and horseradish. The foie gras was fatty and the saltiness was countered by the bittersweetness of the chocolate and berry sweetness of the currents.

I gotta say, this is a rather strange combi in words, but an amazing fusion of flavours in taste! However, it did get a little nauseating after eating half of it thanks to the richness of the previous dish. I couldn’t imagine how my tummy would feel if I had finished the entire cauliflower emulsion.


The looks of the foie gras inside. The pinkish soft area was retained while the hardened grilled outer layers remained crunchy.



My main dish was wagyu rib eye with red wine sauce. From the colour of the rib eye, it was done as I requested it to be: medium rare. However, the finesse and tenderness was lacking, even when it was wagyu. The taste could not match the wagyus I had in Sage, Yeast and even the ones I ate at the Intercontinental Hotel ballroom launch last month.

The garnishes on top also did not complement well with the beef. Its flavours overpowered the taste of the beef.


I honestly could not fit in anymore food into.my tummy by the time I took the last bite of the wagyu.

When the desserts came, I was hoping this would turn the tide around after a disappointing main. Chilled chocolate gateaux, with coconut sorbet and this savoury triangular shaped biscuits.

Sadly, they did not win my heart. The gateaux slices were too sweet, and I was struggling to even finish one slices of it. Thankfully, the sorbet was bearable although I am not a fan of coconut based desserts. The biscuit layers were also softened, not sure intentionally or not but it appeared to me as if air had already gone into them.


The best consolation was the good coffee served to wash down the palate. It was fresh, thick, and fragrant.

All in all, having a dinner with such cozy ambience, and food of such servings…we will never get them at 95 bucks in Malaysia. I guess Singapore is a place for many romantic couples! While a groan for many guys in Malaysia who have to spend a bomb to buy their partners a romantic meal on special occassions.

Food wise, I believe there should be other restaurants which serve similar quality food or even better than what I had here.

Website: http://www.thesalutgroup.com
Au Petit Salut
40C Harding Road
Singapore 249548
T: 6475 1976
F: 6475 1966

Operation hours:
Monday – Saturday
Lunch : 1130hrs – 1430hrs
Dinner : 1830hrs – 2230hrs


Self-pampering dinner treat@Sage Restaurant, Gardens Midvalley


With the continuous weakening of the MYR, special restaurants can only be dined in on special occasions. My last visit to Sage was 3 years ago (Boooooo…..) and I could never forget the taste and texture of the wagyu beef cheek in my mouth.

Walking into this place brought a nostalgic feel and I was excited to re-visit my dream wagyu beef.

As per norm, we were served with bread slices as appetizers. There were varieties: plain ciabatta and sun dried tomatoes loaf. The one with tomatoes tasted better than the ciabatta which were strangely served cold to us, thus making them a little hard. I did recall my 3 years-ago experience for this fared better than the current one.

After tasting Yeast’s appetizer bread, I gotta say… Yeast won over for me, the freshness of each roll was amazing and bread was so fluffy. I had to stop myself from eating more of it to save some space for the mains.

We had two different menus: 1) dinner set meal at RM175 nett and 2) chef’s special dinner menu at RM195 nett.


This dainty spoonful of lobster meat with caviar, was not bad. It had a finesse on the tastebuds and both ingredients blended well together.



The extra dish served from the chef’s special menu was pate served on buttery toasted airy and porous bread slice. The pate was fantastic. The aroma was pungent, with a savoury taste not too strong to make you feel sick after eating a few slices of it.

The downside was the bottom layer bread. Not sure if it was meant to be served this way, but the bread was cold and slightly soggy, once cut the pate fell off the bread. My personal humble amateur comment was if the bread was hardened, crunchy, crispy, perhaps it would be better. Then again, I am not a chef.



The first dish of the dinner set menu was the seared foie gras with dark grapes served with red wine reduction..and it was…fuh! spectacular. I did not have this on my last visit here. Grilled until the outer later formed a thin, crunchy, hardened later but once cut through in….oooh la la. MELT IN YOUR MOUTH. The dark grapes were soaked and cooked with red wine, reduced till they formed into a sauce. DIVINE.

Frankly, I was already full by now and my main was not even served yet!


The first dish of the special chef’s menu was the carpaccio of hamachi with caviar and truffle soy. I had this exact same dish 3 years ago and it was honestly, the best sashimi I had ever had in my life. Until I went to Japan haha.

This time however, it was still good..as the combination of the rawness taste of the fish with the salty caviar and fragrance from the truffle was an awesome combo 3-in-1, but somehow the hamachi did taste just a tee wee bit slightly less fresh. But no major complaints!


This was the main dish of the chef’s special menu: cured lamb shank with provencale style of vegetables wasabi. The lamb shank portion was quite big..easily 20cm’s length. It may seem a little less in finesse but the taste proved totally otherwise. Once the fork plunged in, the meat just fell off to swim in the amazing savoury sauce. Oh my…the guilt of finishing it all on your own. But it was just…wow… best lamb shank I ever had.



Of course, I will not forget my love at first taste…the wagyu beef cheek. This time, the chef has coated the beef cheek with crusted wasabis to add a little Zing and Kick in your mouth before it landed into the meat.

As for texture, I believe that the picture spoke on behalf of me. The tenderness and the light smokey and buttery taste….oh man..perfection. I remembered that this dish on its on as ala carte cost RM95. @_@

For a more cost effective one that did not taste too far off from this premium benchmark, you may try Yeast’s wagyu beef which is served in 3 pieces, about RM60plus. Although they are not cheeks but…oh my, they were really good as well. You may search up my post on Yeast to know more.


I was craving something chocolatey badly and the only chocolate dessert item on the menu was the chocolate fondant with earl grey tea ice cream.

I never expected how well the both went along. It was my first time trying out the earl grey tea ice cream and I was impressed how strongly infused the flavour was into the ice cream and it was not even sweet at all.

The moment the fork dived in, the molten lava chocolate flowed out. KABOOM.


The creme lime custard with ice cream was a little too wierd for me. I can’t recall much of its taste as I stopped after my second spoonful. Too creative for my liking.


The good thing about this place is that they offer free coffee of all types (black, cappucino, macchiato etc) at the end of the meal. I was so full till I felt a strong urge to let my zipper go. JOKING haha. I ordered a long black in hopes it would help wash down the fullness. At the same time, I told myself that I would just drink a little bit in case the caffeine deterred me from sleeping later on…but after having one sip, oh man. This is some good shyt yo! One of the best cuppas I ever had. Even better than a cuppa long blsck on a barista’s good day in Artisan.


The wine to complement the dinner was also selected to make its finesse. This bottle cost over SGD 280.

Chateau malescot is one of the classified growth.  It has been gaining pretty decent scores lately. I have been priviledged to taste the 1978, 1988, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 to 2005

In general, malescot wine aged pretty well and pretty approchable at above 5 years of age.

The 2003 opened recently in 2014 exhibit a beautiful nose of leather and pencil shavings. However, you could still detect a significant alcohol heat on the nose, typical of the 2003 vintage affected by heatwaves across Europe.

The mouthfeel was plush and medium bodied.

It could evolved further with another 5 years of bottle age. By then the fruit would mellow down and show more of its tertiary character.

All in all, I had a gastronomic time again at sage, as I expected. But now with the existence of Yeast and my first try for dinner was awesome, with a slightly lower cost, I do feel inclined to give Yeast another try in the future..but Sage will always be a dear one in my heart.

Total damage for the night : RM488 + wine SGD 280….it was 1.5K gone.

I am guessing my next meal here will be another 3 years from now. Hopefully I have great news happening in my life that gives me the excuse to dine in Sage again.

Till then!