A twist to the bachelorette party@The Tea Lounge, Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Majestic Hotel’s afternoon tea has been the talk of town for many, especially the ladies and I never truly understood why many speak so fondly of this place until I walked in. Blown away, by the rustic classic decor. Felt like I was paving my way in as time rewinded itself. There were several themes of seated areas, The Tea Lounge, RM48++, the Atrium at the Colonial Café also RM48++, The Drawing Room, RM68++ and The Orchid Conservatory, RM88++.


However we were unable to sit in the orchid observatory room as we were told that it can only be utilized for special occassions and to book the entire area cost at least RM8000++. Phuarrrr…


Each set of the high tea can be shared by 2 pax and 2 complimentary cuppas either tea or coffeee, and each person pays RM48++. Being the coffee cuppa lover, i opted for coffee instead of their standard tea…which was a big NO NO. Salute all the way for the nice china and all, but pointless when filled with a lousy cuppa. The tea actually tasted a lot better. Now here came the under-the-weather twist to the nice atmosphere… the “not possible” incidents.

1) not possible 1j

I opted to switch my complimentary cuppa to tea instead, thinking I would just brace through with tea than have another terrible refill of the next cuppa…I was really surprised when the waiter said “not possible”.

“Wh—-at? Your coffee is really terrible and I am forced to continue my next cuppa with another terrible cuppa? If is comes with the set, what is the big problem if I switch to tea which is also complimentary?”

“Not possible.” I was speechless.

To compensate for the bad coffee, I was still subjected to take the next cuppa coffee, but they specially brewed from the espresso machine for me. I could tell it didn’t come from jug he first poured for me. Thankfully he was courteous enough to brew a different cuppa and not continued on to force down the terrible cuppa on me.

2) not possible 2


We were told that we needed to purchase 3 sets of high tea since there were 6 of us. But we just had a heavy lunch fellowship meal at TLCC and 3 sets would be just too much for us.

We had an initial not possible first, which made me feel even annoyed at how rigid this place could get. Good to know the manager allowed 2 sets insteadof 3 and made us order alacarte drinks for the 2 pax instead.

3) not possible 3

Then the next “not possible” followed soon after. We asked to serve us first, acknowledging that we know that the official serving time was 3 pm..we just wanted our drinks first, but the waiter misunderstood us and repeated not possible to serve us now as it was not yet 3 pm. We had to clarify several times to him that we just wanted to be served with drinks first and the food came come as per “official time”.

We pushed the “strange” service aside and focused on our main objective here: Sarah’s bachelorette party! We chitter chatted over everything under the sun while we dug in the sweetness of the desserts displayed. Most of the desserts were honestly, so-so. The best dessert for me was the chocolate mousse cake.



The scones of course were the main theme of the high tea. Each set came with 4 scones. They tasted average, strangely not crumbly and a little dense and bread-like. The best scone i had ever eaten still belonged to Haute Food’s. Sad till today knowing that the shop had already closed down.


The high tea set came with some hot servings too, the only pretty okay items were the orangish fishballs. The other two puffs….hmmm….average.

All in all, I agree..the atmosphere, ambience, stellar! Gorgeous, old, rustic, just lovely to sit and chill and chat while eating all these desserts, like the milady of the house. However, the service really didn’t match the objective this place wanted to bring. All I could remember after leaving this place was “not possible”. We had to wait long for our cutleries to be changed and honestly, everyone at the table agreed that such service should not happen in this highly spoken of 6 star hotel.

And the food was also average, if all the desserts were divine and amazingly delicious, you may discount off the bad service. Sadly, it didn’t add brownie points.

The only brownie point was watching this elderly man all suited up and playing his soul out on the grand piano. So immersed in his world of music, quite a nice sight to see.

The other rooms in Majestic seemed more interesting, especially the cigar and whiskey area which is designed to make you feel absolutely-at-home, there is also a pool table there next to a bar, boys would cheers for joy being here.

Perhaps the next time, we should gather here instead and let’s hope the food and service won’t disappoint!

The Tea Lounge
The Majestic Hotel
5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2785 8000
Website: http://www.majestickl.com/the-tea-lounge.html


Sugar and spice, everything nice@Yeast, Telawi Bangsar


I am back again, for the egg benedict at Yeast! The place was packed and I had to chill out at the bar with a cuppa until the next available table was ready.

As usual, it did not fail to disappoint. Finesse and refined. Yet, I could eat in comfort.


The more eggs I eat, I should be able to compile a list of which eggs have got the best oozing factor. RedBeanBag still wins the oozing factor, but this one did not fall far behind the winning champion.

The downsides of coming to Yeast for lunch is the lack of freshly toasted appetizer breads, which are by far, my most favourite bread to date for Klang Valley. Even specialty bread stores to me, have yet to reach the level of satisfaction I get from eating the freshly baked appetizer breads here.

I think I need to return here for dinner…just to eat bread.


The lemon meringue tart, squeals yummy! The zing citrusy factor was just nice, not too much till your eyes subconsciously shut like how you drink horribly done honey lemonades. The meringues were not too thick, with a sight burnt flavour form the top-burnt effect. Thankfully we were sharing, otherwise all the guilt would be nicely consumed by yours truly.


We also ordered the creme brulee, which I had tried and tested several times and was always satisfied. So did we, this time. Through this eating experience, I’ve learnt that there are some out there who never really considered or wondered about the origin of vanilla. They were shocked to know that the black grainy bits inside the dessert were actually from the vanilla beans.

Desserts from Yeast, totally YUMS and a big tick to you for quality!

I need my next meal here soon, when I am bread craved!

24G, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2282 0118
Opening hours:
Closed on Mondays.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday : 8am — 10pm
Friday & Saturday : 8am — 10:30pm

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yeast-Bistronomy/351724934917371
Website: http://www.yeastbistronomy.com/