Alexis@Great Eastern Mall, Ampang

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online pharmacy viagra Demona: We wanted to finish up the wine at Moussandra, but with the restaurant’s poor service, we completely lost all mood to continue on sipping our Les Ribieres there. We left Moussandra at 9 pm. The night was still young. Therefore, I decided to bring Dogma over to Alexis for some live music.

levitra originale Umbria Demona: We were still relatively full from the earlier dinner, thus we settled for a slice of tiramisu and a cup of hot, long, white coffee. This was a pict of the tiramisu. It came along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

get link The tiramisu was topped with a layer of coarsely chopped almond nuts, coated with chunky, caramelised, sugar bits. The layers in between were made up of chocolate mousse, vanilla mousse as well as coffee flavoured sponge cake. There was a strong taste of kahlua on its bottom layer.

go to link Although the cake was not authentic, it was very well improvised. The fusion between the crunchiness and creamy smoothness blending in my mouth was totally amazing. Heavenly!

The scoop of vanilla ice cream tasted lovely as well. Its texture was very smooth, and it was not overly sweet. I was so, so tempted to order some ice cream after that. TOO… MUCH…OF HEAVEN.

Demona: This was another pict of the tiramisu. You could see the layers inside the cake. I’m drooling as I speak now. Looking back at the pict again, made me salivated.
This cost RM 12.00.

Demona: This wast the pict of the long, white coffee. Alexis had an interesting way of serving their sugar. The brown and white sugar came in small cubes. The coffee was good. I liked the strong aroma exerted by the coffee. Dogma mentioned that Illy coffee is yummy! This cost RM 9.00.

Demona: After severeal spoonfuls of sugar high therapy, Michael Veerapan came up on stage, went to his piano and started playing soulful jazz tunes, accompanied by his fellow bassist and drummer friends.

This romantic moment had beaten Moussandra by ten folds. I should have brought Dogma over here for dinner instead.

After a few jazz tunes, an excellent lady singer came on stage and serenaded the crowd with her powerful, soulful voice. Dogma went on and on, complimenting her voice as well as the drummer’s excellent drumming skills.

We left Alexis, with happy thoughts, happy feelings, happy smiles.

Demona: Another beautiful sight of KLCC at night.


Demona: My colleague and I were on a tight schedule, thus we had a really quick lunch. She suggested this place, called Kozee which was located along the same row of shophouses as Pizza Hut. The tables were slowly filled by walk-in customers, as lunch time was approaching. Surprisingly, this place had big lunch crowds. Hence, I was fairly optimistic on what we were going to eat.

We chose a table hidden at one corner. The shop had no character in the layout and design. Without a significant outlook character, its food menu followed along as well. The restaurant offered western food, local delicacies, even all-day breakfast set meals.

Demona: My colleagued ordered the Assam Laksa. Its cost was RM 11.00. The portion was big, sharing would be a better option. The assam laksa soup was tasty! Very very spicy, yet subtle sweetness. Tasted even better when we added extra “Haeh Koh” (Sprimp paste..?) in it. Sadly, the soup was the best part that this dish had to offer. The noodles were alright, but the fish meat were so small that you could barely chew on them to taste before they went down your throat. I ended up drinking more soup rather than eating the noodles.

Demona: My colleague introduced this to me. Mentioned that she had tried this once before, and it kicked ass. This was called the “Kozee Cheese and Tuna” sandwich. Convinced at her remarks, I decided to order it. Personally, I was very disappointed when the sandwich arrived on our table. For the price of RM 5.50, I actually imagined it to be of a bigger portion.

It looked like two pieces of white bread, toasted with a slice of Kraft cheddar cheese and some Ayam brand tuna mayo, then cut into 4 triangular slices. This sentence kept repeating in my mind , “Man. I could have done this dish easily at home! For RM 5.50, I could even throw in more cheese, bacon slices, ham, etc.” I felt ripped off, and I DISLIKE getting this feeling whenever I order food.

Demona: My colleague ordered an ice lemon tea, where as I just had plain water. Even the ice lemon tea was a RIP OFF. The glass itself was small, and filled up with ice cubes. Within two sips, she almost finished her drink. This cost RM 2.80.

Verdict: I admit, the assam laksa did taste very nice. Very much thanks to the soup’s contribution. But, a bowl for RM 11? Not worth it at all. I can have 8 bowls of it in my hometown. Other local delicacies were also priced around RM10-15. Without a doubt, Kozee’s western food cost even more. I had said enough on their sandwiches set.

No offense on my colleague’s good will on bringing me here, she did nothing wrong. After this meal experience, I know for sure I will never step foot in this shop ever again. Food lovers should never feel ripped off.