The Banquet@Bangsar Village (Phase 2)


follow Demona: Many people had came over telling me positive comments on The Banquet, in terms of food, ambience, service etc. The opportunity finally came when one of our customers agreed on a lunch appointment here. The pict above was part of The Banquet’s menu. It came in a design similar to a newspaper section, something like what I saw in Foster’s cafe, Holland Village, Singapore.

Demona: We sat outside the restaurant, and the theme colour of this area was white. Each white paint coated table, matched well with the white colour painted rattan chairs. Miniature LED white light bulbs were twirled all around each mini christmas tree surrounding the dining area. I must say, the decorations were lovely and they did a good job on creating a cozy ambience.

Demona: I ordered a freshly squeeze orange juice, without ice and added sugar. The juice was excellent. You could taste its saps, and the “KAU-ness” of the juice as its texture was fairly thick. Best part of all, it was not too sweet. It was definitely an enjoyable journey drinking this. Cost was not cheap though, RM 12 for a small glass.

Demona: My manager ordered sauteed mushrooms. This dish was really good as well. You could taste the strong olive oil and mixed herbs. The mushrooms were well sauteed as the flavour from the herbs and oil were locked in and they had a tangy texture. SLURPS! If I had the whole bowl to myself, I would wipe it clean too. This cost RM 14.

Demona: My colleague and I shared two types of dishes as we were not very hungry. We decided to select one dish from each side. I selected this, the tiger prawns cooked in white truffles sauce. The dish came in a set of 5 tiger prawns, coated with white truffles sauce( I HONESTLY thought that it was the mayonaise because it strangely tasted similar) and chopped groundnuts. The prawns were pretty flavourful, each bite was crunchy, sweet and sour. The beetroot slices tasted wierd, and I left them aside. This dish cost RM 43! ( RM 8 per prawn ? !)

Demona: We ordered a 4-cheese salad as well. It comprised of blue cheese, brie, cheddar and feta cheese. The leaves and grapes were dressed in olive oil and a mixture of herbs. They gave a sincere portion of cheese chunks, however, only brie and feta were the majority seen on the plate.

Demona: This was a close shot of the salad. The combination of the cheese were a little overpowering for them to blend with the salad. The cheddar was alright, the choice of brie was way too strong for this dish, the blue cheese was no where to be seen, but you could taste it lightly and the feta was quite alright as well. This cost RM 25.

Demona: This was the mango cheese cake. Nothing fantastic from this dessert. The cheese cake tasted really ordinary, just like any other plain baked cheese cake. It was only named mango due to the chopped mango toppings on its top layer. The cheese cake had no mango taste incorporated at all. Its biscuit mould layer was too finely ground. This cost RM 13.

Demona: This was the tiramisu. It may look big from the pict, but the portion was actually quite small. It was a squarish block, of about 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm. The sponge cake layer was soaked with brandy, and was fairly strong too. One good thing was that it was not sweet. However, RM 20 as a price tag for this dessert was a little too steep for me.

Demona: This was the pict of the warm, molten chocolate cake with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream next to it. Looked really delicious from the picture alright. However, again, the size of it was about 6 cm diameter in size and its height was around 4 cm. A little too small to fulfill the satisfaction of my growling tummy. This cost RM 18 and required a 15 minute waiting time before serving.

Demona: Once you dug in, the molten chocolate would flow out. It was actually quite tasty, but for the price tag, the molten chocolate cake that Chillis serve would be a better option alright. More than twice its size with similar taste ratings!

Verdict: I have yet to try their local delicacies as well as their pastas to judge this place. However, whatever I had tried in this visit, gave me a balanced level of thumbs up and down. I do not agree with the price tags given on many of the dishes here, especially their desserts, but prawns and mushrooms were cooked fairly well. I will probably make my way here again on a special occasion with Dogma or a lunch appointment with a customer.

Ch. Malescot Dinner@Tower Club

Another extravagant affair with SH and gang at Tower Club. Located on the 62th floor of Republic plaza, the view was simply breathtaking. You could see the constuction work at the Integrated Resort, the Sails, Jurong port, and the hustle&bustle of CBD area just beneath you. This by invitational only club is very the ATAS!

Ok, the deco plate was from Versace. You get the hint?

Carnaroli Rice Risotto: Generous toppings of sliced truffle on top and nicely coated in fall black truffle butter and garlic veal juice. The texture of the risotto was too congee like for my liking and slightly oversalted with a whiff of aroma you get from those flavoring in indo-mee. HA!

European Backed John Dory:Small sliced of john dory fillet on top of Braised lentil puree in shallot and chive sauce. I did not enjoy the john dory fillet as it was abit dry for my servings. The lentil puree was interesting though. You could see and taste bits of chives and shallot giving it a nice aroma.

Duo of Duck on Wild mushroom cake:
The duck was all right, again it was a tad dry and tasted abit gamey. I wasnt impressed.
Wild Mushroom cake: Whao…. i like this! panfried sliced wild mushroom that were slightly crunchy on the outside and bursting with flavors of foie gras! yummy!

Fork Mashed Strawberry: Home made mint ice cream which a right amount of sweetness sitting on a mashed, fresh strawberry bed.. this is definitely heavenly. It was the highlight of the dinner and I bet Demona definitely going to dig this!

The Wines:

Dame de Malescot 2003@SGD51:
(second wine of Malescot made from young vines and grapes that does not make the first label quality)
Eye:mid red
Nose: pleasant bordeaux nose of leather, cassis and tobacco. Lesser intensity and complexity compared to the first label.
Body: It’s about freshness! easy to drink and extremely pleasurable! not much evolution and complexity
Ratings: 3.4/5

Extremely fresh, harmonious and enjoyable and you would not mind a second pour. At $51, i would say this is good value for money! However, I re-tasted this after sipping thru the Saint Exupery first label and the Le Dame has totally lost it’s appeal and I could only detect some sour note and bitterness. The le Dame does not have the mid body and acidity compared to the first label.

Ch. Malescot Saint Exupery 1986/1998/2000/2002
Deep plum red
Intense bouquet of leather, tobacco, cassis , vanilla after decanting 3 hours and evolved into greenish hay, coffee, stray.
good acid,beautifully balanced and good length. Well integrated.

1986@SGD180, 2002@SGD99
The 2 wines are in the same bracket of characters representing a more leaner version compared to the big 2000 and 1998. Both the 86/02 has less fruit, less pronounced nose and lesser acidity compared to the 00/98. The 1986 is at it’s prime now and it’s is extremely integrated, and enjoyable to drink, while you could foresee the 02 progressing to a similar dire2ction as the 86 but probably with more fruits as time goes. The winemaker commented the 86 did not has vine selection and therefore, he expects the 02 to surpass the 86 in time to come.

1998@SGD120, 2000@SGD170
Heavier, fruitier, bigger and abundance of mid body and acidity. These 2 wines are meant for the longer term compared to the 86/02. Both the nose are very pronounced and the 2000 was the most primitive of all, where it evolved from a rustic barnyard nose to a beautiful tobacco, vanilla, cassis nose in the glass. I could imagine, the 2000 will be the best of the lot 10 years down the road that yield great complexity.

Best valued: 1998@120
Winemakers’ fav 2002
My choice to keep: 2000
Best vintage to drink now: 60’s according to the winemaker
Ratings: 4-4.5