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clomid drug action Yeast. Their food are frequently posted by friends on FB and Instagram. I heard a lot about it but did not have an opportunity to try until an unplanned gathering with Joysie and Neets in Bangsar Village and we were thinking hard for a nice place to wine and dine…until Neets brought up this brilliant idea of Yeast.

I was not expecting the outlook and decor of Yeast as a fancy looking restaurant from the name of if…I was truly surprised.


We went all out to indulge like 3 overpampered princesses. We ordered the special menu “5 cheese platter”. Comprised of rocquefort from Southern France, tete de moines, monk’s head from Swiss, camembert from Normandy, saint maure from Loire Valley, and comte from Franche Comte. RM 45++.

The slices were rather small, made me think of how cheap it was in Europe, a few euros will land you a gigantic slab of fresh cheese. Nonetheless, they went amazingly well with the wine and freshly toasted bread.

My personal fave was the rocquefort. Smelly and ugly looking on the outside but phew..when slightly melted on the warm bread. Kaboom.


The bread came in two types: white and wholemeal. Frankly I was so tempted to eat more but afraid I’d be too full for the mains. But they were so so good..phew.

All bread were freshly baked to serve.


A close look of the tete de moines, my second most fave served on the cheese platter. With an oaky aged rustic feel, a little rough but almost immediately melt nicely in the mouth from their thinly shaved ways.


A beautifully presented salad which we ordered: mesclun salad, with poached eggs and smoked duck chopped bits and croutons. RM23++.

Once the poached egg was broken, out came the golden flows of deliciousness, soaking its ways to all ingredients. It was very delicious and they were very generous with the chunky duck bits.


Our long awaited beouf borguingon (I hope I spelt it right), braised beef short ribs. It came in 3 chunky pieces. RM58++.

In all honesty, the beef was also amazing. The meat was so tender and all the flavours were really adsorbed into every strip.

The beef in Sage still topped the charts for me but Yeast’s dish is really coming in closely to win over my heart.


Given everything that we ate so far were all toppers, we decided to indulge in 150% even though we were already full.

Creme brulee it is. RM18++.

And no regrets.

Although the portion was small, it was refreshing to know that they served it with a spoonful of strawberry sorbet to cleanse off the palate so our tongues would then be ready for the creme brulee.

The sweetness was just nice, and the chef used original vanilla pods. It was not too clumpy nor was it watery. The consistency was just perfect.

We did wish that the top could be torched slightly longer for a heavier dark yellow colour look but I believe the chef intentionally baked it this way so the dessert would be at its top notch quality.


We ordered 2 bottles of this. A bunch of crazy women, we were. RM140++ each.

The wine needed some time to breathe. But after some time, the characters developed and bloomed. Strong ruby red, berries and dark cherries, ripe…full bodied, quite balanced when mixed with cheese and beef.

That was the thoughts over the drinking from the 1st bottle. When we ordered the 2nd one, the drinking at that time was purely jst drinking for the fun and laughters over our chitter chatters.

Total damage for 3 pax: RM488.

I’d definitely be back for more, and looking forward to try out their breakfast menu!

24G, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6
03-2282 0118
Opening hours:
Closed on Mondays.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday : 8am — 10pm
Friday & Saturday : 8am — 10:30pm

FB Page:


Tea time like the french!@Princess G’s home


The adorable star traveller Neets was a darlin’ for carefully handcarrying these precious Laduree’s (ok, I can’t add the symbol above the ‘e’using the wordpress app) macaroons back from Paris…so we can all have a whiff of Paris! Bonjour!


We were sugar high. The macaroons were so soft, and you could tell they were of good quality as the texture was dense inside and there was no roughness in the mouth, the almond powder must had been very finely ground.

Tres delicieux!!!

This box nearly cost a 100 ringgit.


I was not kidding when I mean how soft the macaroons were and how dense they were on the inside with the cream.

My favourite flavour was the chocolate!


What is France without wine and cheese! Our avid jet setter Neets also carries back this precious camembert, which was divine. Parfait!

There were 4 of us and we finished off within an hour.. oops. No take-your-time-enjoy kinda eating. We are well trained in Malaysia.


The weather was also cooling. Heck, we were in Paris that evening. Thanks to Neets. A wonderful evening indeed catching up with each others’ lives and spending time with the kids.

I hope she starts travelling soon again and we can have another gastronomical tour in Princess G’s crib.


Sugar high. Happy high. Bliss high. A great Saturday indeed!