Guibbe Rosse@Piazza Della Republica, Florence

go to link  Florence is a beautiful place. Love the scenery, the people, the ambience, the atmosphere. It was a slightly gloomy day in Florence, little drizzles and showers throughout making walking around slightly difficult. As it was our final night in Italy, we decided to splurge on a good meal. When we found some free wifi, we did a quicksearch and it seemed that this was a good place for a good meal.

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informazioni levitra originale 20 mg  Home brewed beer. EURO 4. Very, good, fizzy, floral, yeasty beer. One of the better beers I drank in Italy. BUT…..

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prezzo vardenafil originale 20 mg  Check out the size. This was their 1/2 pint. SO TINY. Unlike the other EURO 3/4 worth pint beers i drank which was at least 330 c. Pricey, phew. Lucky it was good.

here  The only thing I dislike about the appetizer bread served in Italy. Besides charging you for the bread (unlike in Msia, all bread free flow) about EURO 2, they are usually cold and hard, and no olive oil and balsamic vinegar is served unless asked. With such hardened and cold bread, its unlikely to swallow it down without any dipping sauce. The only place which we had lightly toasted appetizer bread was in Siena, and boy we were so happy!

follow link  This pizza…. WOO LALA. Was oh so good. Extremely authentic, and the salami i must say, very flavourful and spicy. They were very generous with the cheese toppings. Every slice we pulled out, had the ‘Pizza Hut commercial” stringy cheese effect (when you order a real pizza from PH, chances are you will not get that stringy effect). Thin crunchy crusted. Yums. EURO 9.

viagra fda drug info  My colleague, a “Fan Thung” (Rice Barrel, literal translation) has to eat rice at least once a day. He ate a risotto meal almost everyday. Needless to say, this dinner is not excluded from his rice obsession. It was soooooo creamy. Only guys can eat those, ladies will flee when they see this. Carbs, and fats. EURO 9.

click We could not finish the pizza. Ala Msian style, TAPAO! Was pleasantly surprised how pretty the take-away box was. It became our lunch food on the train next day, heading back to Rome.