A&W, Sunway Pyramid

miglior sito per comprare Viagra super active 25 mg Remember the good old times when there is no worries but only A&W RootBeer Float?

viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Verona While Demona and I were taking a walk in Sunway Pyramid I chanced upon this A&W outlet. It has been ages since i last stepped into a A&W branch. Somehow it had slowly vanished from key cities and Singapore….

comprare viagra generico 50 mg spedizione veloce a Genova The good old times were indeed beautiful and I couldn’t resist the temptation of satisfying my fix of a good old A&W Root Beer FLOAT!!! MMMMMMMM

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-in-farmacia-senza-ricetta-pagamento-online-a-Venezia WHAT a disappointment it turned out to be.

go site Root Beer: Too sweet. Not fresh.
Ice Cream: Low grade ice cream. Did not go well with the soda..
Verdict: FAIL.

siti sicuri per comprare viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Firenze Probably my taste bud has changed, probably we were pampered by other more exquisite ice creams, probably A&W has gone down the drain…..But it was soothing to tried A&W again… but i doubt i will pay them any visit in the near future…

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/ Frothy float: Too frothy…bleachh

A&Ws@Opposite Amcorp Mall, PJ

Demona: Right after the filling Koon Kee dinner, we drove around, feeling bored and aimless. Finally, we decided to have a drink at the first drive through A&Ws, at the Amcorp Mall area. Joe ordered a box of curly fries. Sinful, but yummy! McDs curly fries cannot compete with A&Ws!

Demona: Joe ordered a cup of coffee. He came back grumbling to me because the coffee came from the Nescafe’s “put the cup” – “press 1 to 7” – “wait” – “remove cup” machine. He has free access to the same machine at anytime of the day in his office, and he paid RM1.90 for it now.

Demona: We were sitting near the waffle making and ice cream parlour. ( BAD IDEA ) I was drooling with temptation already seeing the people carrying trays of waffles to their seats. I succumbed into temptation. Resistance failed on me. Despite being quite full from dinner, I finally bought one as well.

P/S: Double scoop ice cream too. BURPS.

Demona: We were complaining being overstuffed from dinner, but in the end we finished up our supper as well. The waffles were the greatest! Affordable, not overly priced (RM 5.90) and extremely delicious! Gosh, I’m craving for it now as I’m writing this down. The buttery waffles were crunchy and thick, and eating it with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce drizzles, spells CLOUD NINE!

A worthy BURP!