Air Asia Combo Meal

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source site Demona: We were bored to death 30000 feet up in the air. It was painful enduring 3 hours of cramming into small spaced seats, a crazy lady behind who kicked my seat the whole way through, and seats that could no longer recline further than 10 degrees (in the name of saving cost). Neither of us could hardly catch a wink. To cheer ourselves up, we decided to burn a little hole on our pockets and tummies, thus we ordered food from the cabin crew. Needless to say, we chose the combo meal, comprising the INFAMOUS Air Asia nasi lemak and a hot cup of green tea (just a sachet dipped in hot water, cost RM 1). Total damage: RM 10.00.

follow Demona: The Nasi Lemak was just average. But we did agree that, if the flights were long duration ones, people would still rather have average/slightly lousier food than starve to death high up in the air.

Demona: BTW, can anyone spot the difference between the picture and the food? Something is missing! Tell me now what you’ve noticed!!!!

Hot Peri Peri Chicken Dinner@Nandos, Midvalley

Demona: It was time again. For Dogma to depart. 1.5 days was certainly not enough for Demona.

…………………………………………………………. *poke*poke*

The final meal before bidding farewell… fiery NANDOS! Despite having many restaurants in this gigantic mall, we were circling around for some time before deciding on Nandos.

Demona: However perfect the chicken had been grilled, it would never have created the same KA-POW results without Nando’s …. PERI PERI SAUCES!

Demona: My usual choice is the Flaming Hot Peri Peri sauce, rather than the Extra Flaming Hot Peri Peri, not because I could not take the spicyness of the XFHPP, but the spicyness was a little too strong and it covered the taste of the grilled chicken. Dogma seemed to be enjoying the Garlic Peri Peri sauce, although he did complain that it was a little too salty.

Demona: “Garlic hoggy breath. Don’t come near me”
Demona: “PHEWWWWWWWWWW *closes nose*”

Demona: Since there were two of us and the only dish worthwhile eating at Nandos was their chicken, we decided to order 1/2 a chicken (HOT PERI PERI flavour) with 2 sidelines, coseslaw and PERI fries. RM 19.90++.

The chicken meat was fairly spicy, tender and the great part was that it was not soaked in oil, unlike Kenny Rogers/KFC. Dogma gleamed. I knew why almost instantly. 1/2 a chicken = many bones = chewy chewy bone action by Dogma = BLISS.

Demona: I liked the coleslaw. The vegetable slices were not too thin nor too thick, making it just nice to chew. The dressing was savoury sweet as well. If only they gave a little bit more… I thought they used to give fairly gigantic scoops of coleslaw but this one was really small… Hmmm…

Demona: PERI fries! Well fried, and not brownish in colour, indicating that the oil was still fresh when these fries were fried. The paprika added on the fries did not make much of a difference, only saltier. We ended up dipping them with the PERI PERI sauces anyway.

Verdict: I raised the Q to Dogma whether spending RM 20 on a NANDOs 1/2 chicken meal or a CHILLIES beef burger meal was better. We both realised that maybe Chillies was a better option. What say you readers out there?