Syok!@Mcdonalds, Gyeungamyong area, Seoul An early morning walk around Diana hotel area where I am staying. Scouting for a coffee fix and decided to go with a budget breakfast at McDs since they have non-halal options of mcmuffin sets!

acquistare viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Torino The ham, egg and cheese mcmuffin was yummylicious! The cheese really nicely melted onto the egg and muffins unlike lousy ones we get back home.

cialis vs viagra wiki drug The muffin n coffee cost 2500 won (about RM7-8) As I realised locals love to drink and even more so on a Friday night. This dude slept on the pavement since who knows when. If it was in Malaysia I am certain he would have been robbed and stripped naked based on our nation’s ‘low’ level of crime as claimed by our ‘respected’ politicians.

Grilled pork burger@McDs, Kyoto

see url This was the best pork burger I ever had from a fast food joint. McDs porkie grilled burger. The size of the burger is as displayed on the illustration. Unlike ours in Malaysia where the burgers are shrunk. The pork patty was juicy, drizzled over teriyaki sauce. Even the egg was thick and fluffy!

see url Awh… worth every penny! 660 yen per set meal