San Pellegrino Shootout Demona and me has been a fan of sparkling water for some time. Some may ask why and we will tell you the reason.

acquistare levitra pagamento online Post dinner , demona/dogma craving for some chilled beer or a nice red wine..
as thrifty as ever, both switch on their mental calculator and started picit picit.
Demona: 1 beer = 3-5SGD + getting fatty with many calories. 1 wine = 30SGD -120SGD Plus get lobstery (flushed face)
Dogma: 1 beer = fatty + many calories. 1 wine = 50sgd to 150sgd ( the difference in cost coz dogma always reveal the imaginary lower end of the wine price to demona) plus bad liver.

acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Verona Demona + Dogma: 1 sparkling water = 3SGD = refreshing taste + cleansing feeling + no calories..YEY!!! We both enjoyed the Saint Perrier Sparkling water with Lemon zest very much and today we went further by trying some flavoured sparkling water from San Pellegrino.

enter They are quite natural in taste but did not really set a deep impression on us.
Limonita: Sparkling water with 12% of pure Lemon juice. Well Demona find it very similar to Orangina ( but hey, one is Orange the other is Lemon?) and i tend to agree with her. Packing a good punch of lemon zest in it with some bitter ending. Ok la, but its kinda too sweet for my liking. I very much prefer a super sour lemon juice..
Chinotto: This is damn funky. Made from Chinotto fruit and some herbs, the juice is outright medicinal and weird. Tasted like some sweetened root of some plant, bordering on Sarsi. Demona took a sip and left me the rest. Ok la, yamseng, i drink it all up. I doubt this will be popular among the consumers Arancita: We did not took picture of this but it tasted like an Orange peel juice (or some rather say, the white orange skin). A more dense bitterness compared to limonita with zesty orange juice. Not too bad but not great either. Still a tad too sweet..