Home blended apricot peach smoothie

With both special occasions near by one another (Christmas and New Year), needless to say, EVERYONE is overindulging. Myself, a sinner also.

Excess spicy food, excess chilli, excess alchohol, excess junk food/chips, excess meat, under-excess water = constipation.

I decided to blend my own smoothie hoping to help me in my bowels.

Bought some apricot yoghurt, milk, peaches and bbbbbllllleeeennndddddddddddddd into one delicious smoothie 🙂

So much more delicious and fruitful than the ones you have from the juice bars. And oh yeah, a lot more cheaper too!

But did it help me clear my bowels? No…… but something else did. In a horrible, nasty, suffering way (To be continued….)

Konig Ludwig Beer from the comfort of home

Demona: I miss you, Mr. KonigLudwig. I miss sipping down, your golden bubbly bits, trickling down my throat… ahhhhhh. Florally, refreshing. JW, if you’re reading this.. I do, terribly miss our after-work days clanking our Konig pint glasses to some good music in Wala Wala. There isn’t a place here that could give me such an euphoric feel. After work days are mostly occupied by.. bad traffic, or swims (luckily there was something good!)

After viewing my new place to be, I walked over to Hartamas Shopping Centre for some window shopping. Whilst strolling around the alcohol section in Mercato…. I saw you.. you… you.. Mr.Konig, all stacked up with the rest of your clan. Sadly, almost all the bottles were slightly covered with dirt (Shows not many people took notice of ’em).

A bottle cost RM 16.90 (I’ve also seen more expensive price tags on it in some other places).

Gasps. So expensive here and it isn’t even draught. I surely miss the buy1 (SGD 16) free1 days in WalaWala.

For crave sake, I bought a bottle.
We also had a Konig glass at home, so it was like.. rekindling the days of WalaWala, with not so-refreshing and tasty Konig (since it wasn’t draught), and the only music I could get was Dogma strumming my guitar.

Man… satisfaction.. UNfulfilled.