Mizuki Wine Dinner

go to link Had a couple of fantastic wine from Hermitage Wines recently at Mizuki Fine Dining.
Following is the review for the wines we had.

Taylor’s Vintage Port, 1977 (magnum)
Eye: Dark Purplish
Nose: Faily complex raisin, licorice.Definitely still can cellar for another 10-20 years
Front Palate: Sugary/alcoholic.
Mid Palate: mild raisin
End Palate: medium finish.

clomid price mercury drug job Price: 440 sgd
Rating: 3.5/5
Value: not good value

Leoville Las Casse 1961 (Magnum)

Eye: Medium Red
Nose: Oxidized cardbox upon opening. But after decanting for 2 hrs. Pleasant subtle nose with blackcurrants, chocolate, leather and herbicious
Front Palate: Surprisingly young for such vintage wine
Mid Palate: Currant/chocolate
End Palate: medium finish.

Price: 1300 sgd
Rating: 3.8/5
Value: Definitely not an everyday wine. If drank it blindly, you would not believe it is a 46 years old wine. It is impressive to try out old vintage wine but probably you could have more enjoyment on younger/cheaper wines.

Other wines that night:

Pavillion Blanc Du Margaux 2004@ 200sgd
Complex nose of citrus, pear with great finess. Very impressive. Elegant mouthfill.
Top white for the night.. in fact top wine of the night.

Marques de Murrieta Castello de Ygay Gran Especial Reserva 1995 (magnum)
Nose of tobacco and leather. Fairly complexed wine but could cellar for another decade.

Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage 2001

Eye: Deep Purplish
Nose: Intense alcohol and raisin upon opening. Reduced to raisin and sugarish nose after 2 days
Front Palate: Big fat sugary coating your tongue.
Mid Palate: sticky raisin coating your tongue
End Palate: short to medium finish.

Price: 45sgd
Rating: 3.2/5
Value: not good value.

Verdict: I have never been a great fan of port. I had tried Croft’s 1977, Dow’s 1975, Dow’s 20 yo tawny and now this LBV 2001 from Taylor’s. None of them had impressed me too much. Probably i do not fancy the overpowering alcohol and raisin sugar that just lacking in finess, elegance and complexity. I do not like this LBV straight from the bottle but after 2 days sitting in the fridge, i do enjoy it slightly better as the alcohol heat has reduced significantly.

Why spend on port when u could get better red/whites out there at this price?