Thirsty Thursday@8 Nov For this week’s Thirsty Thursday, we had it at SH’s cozy pad. It was a beautiful evening with good food, pleasant wines and great company.
Following are the reviews of the flight of wines we had:

Leroy Meursault 2002:
Nose: Slight buttery, nuttiness.
Palate: Clean, pronounced mineral supported by a buttery backbone. Good purity. Medium length
Rating: 3.5/5 (good to consume now. excellent mix of buttery/nuttiness + heaps of minerality)

Abadia Retuerta Cuvee El Palomar 2003@70sgd
(blend of tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon)
Nose: Intense vanila,supported by licorice and leather
Palate: Sweet Vanilla, oak, berries and silky tannins. Full bodied and Medium to long length.
Rating: 3.4/5 (interesting vanilla nose and if taste it blind you would be surprised it was tempranillo based)Saltram Winemaker Selection Barrosa Valley@40AUD
cabernet sauvignon
Nose: Intense eucalypti (menthol), and mocha
Palate: Big full mouth with fine grained tannins.
Rating:3.35/5 ( well made barossa cab with distinct menthol nose)

Clos Du Marquis 1989@130SGD
Nose: Subtle aroma with a tinge of green
Palate: Soft, elegant. Integrated tannins and minimally chewy
Rating: 3.45/5 ( pretty elegant but not able to shine)
Talisker 18year old Single Malt:
Nose: Smokey Vanilla
Palate: burning.
Cured ham with Cheese and cheese crackers: Salty fatty cured ham taken together with the creamy/buttery cheese. MMMMM…Sinfully satisfying. Check out the layer of fats of the cured ham!
Pork Knuckle from Cold storage: The meat was a dry and lacking in flavour but i like the ultra crispy porky skin. Munching the crackling skin and sipping a heavy Saltram Barossa. Heavenly!. It definitely suits a home party for hungry drunkards!
Da Paolo Assorted Pizza: Zhenzhu brough 4 different types of pizza ( italian sausages, proscuitto on ricola,classic peperoni , mushroom) that we all polished it off even thou with the presence of excessive amount of food. It was good pizza but too bad it gotten cold soon under the cold aircon. Therefore i could not give a fair verdict on it.
MonMouth Coffee: The first thing i noticed in SH’s pad was the sweet, flavourful coffee smell in the air. I had 2 cups of this tonight and i have to say it is much better than illy’s and lavazza for its pronounced, harmonious coffee aroma. The body and acidity was well integrated as well. Marvellous!

Assorted cheese from Culina: Mel brought this over. I particularly like the gooey,pie like softcheese. It was nutty with some associated it with Peanut butter. It was a perfect match with Mel’s cheese cracker as the crackers provided the body/structure for the creamy nutty cheese.
The squarish cheese smells like my socks but it was nice eating on its one. Salty and hard, it taste somewhat like a subdued parmigiano reggiano.
Assorted ham from SH: Salty and flavourful.Slurpp..

Another decadent session with the Thirsty Thursday Gang……..
I was pretty impressed with the Meursault. Clean, pure mineral supported by a buttery backbone. I like it!

Thirsty Thursday@ 1 Nov

Again it’s Thirsty Thursday at Hermitage. The theme for tonight is Champagne/Sparkling. Heavenlicious Bubblies paired with foie gras, escargot, assorted cheese, ham and baguette brought in from London the very morning by M.

Following are the wines we had:
Old Acres Cava Brut: @29sgd
Nose: Bready, pungent, cockroach. (no kidding)
Palate: medium body with bitter tannin.
Length: Short to medium:
Ratings: 3.0/5 (Interesting cockroach nose with big complex nose but that is all about it. Probably a good Cava during blind tasting to fool pll)

Champagne Jacquart:@77SGD
Nose: Intense brioche, yeasty. Beautiful
Palate: Nice citrus attack, structured and full.
Length: Medium to long
Ratings:3.6/5 ( this is the WOTN in my opinion. Big muscular structure and intense brioche nose at an extremely cheap price. Definitely a champagne that could hardly be match in terms of QPR. )

Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV:@109SGD
Nose: Citrus and toasty
Palate: Dry, lemon citrus.
Length Medium to long
Ratings: 3.5/5 ( Bollinger seldom disappoints and this is good for those seeking mid level muscular yeasty bubblies)

Moet Chandon Brut Rose Imperial:@105SGD
Nose: Sweet, licorice and citrus
Palate: Slight sugar coating. medium body
Length: medium
Ratings 3.4/5 (nothing to shout about. not much complexity and structure)

Veuve Cliquot Vintage Rich 1999:@124SGD
Nose: intense Honeyed and citrus
Palate: Heavy sugar coat
Length: medium
Ratings: 3.4 to 3.7/5( could improved further with much aged. Probably 10-20years later when the over-sweetness reduced and a more mellow complex secondary flavor emerge)

Verdict: I’ve chosen the Jacquart as the Wine of the Night due to the extremely good quality price ratio that it brings about. It definitely could be on par with the other major Champagne house Non-Vintages (Tattinger, Moet, Veuve, Deutz). It is big, structured, and intense yeasty but probably could be improved in terms of elegance and purity. However, for the price of 77SGD, you could not ask for more.