Wine Ratings Defined After giving much thought about Tummies Growl’s wine rating system, I felt the need to be more precise and defined for the benefit of all readers and myself. You know, it is hard to put numbers on the quality of wine unless you do have a proper system to benchmark them on. Hence forth, following are the Tummies Growl’s Wine Ratings definition.

5 pointers– The perfect wines with Flawless Character in Nose (aroma), Palate (Body) and End (Length)
4 pointers– High quality wines with beautiful Nose or Palate or End. It is a great pleasure to drink them, but it’s just lacking of that little oomph to put them among the 5’s
3 pointers– Enjoyable wines with pleasurable Nose or Palate or End. Good to drink and nice to discuss, but that is all about it.
below 3 pointers – Table wine that requires minimal thought and present little in terms of Nose/Palate/End. Not worthy of a spot in Tummies Growl.

Top Notch Wines with JL

A recollection of fantastic wines we had at crystal jade palace .. It was an out of this world experience for me that truly changes my perception on wines. Kudos to the generous JL.
1985 Domaine Chandon De Briailles, Corton Bressandes Grand Cru:
Despite the age, the body is still pure cherry colour, with light brown hue at the rim
Nose: Consistent clean cherry with slight straw overtones throughout the 4 hours dinner
Palate: Pure pleasure of elegance, cherry, mild sweetness with a touch of straw. Extremely fine tannins. This is all about it’s purity and elegance where through out the dinner it maintains it’s beautiful cherry/raspberry structure consistently. Medium body. Good to drink now.

1990 Domaine Faiveley, Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru:
Light honey
WHAOO! you could smell it 3 feet from the glass of pure buttery complex nose. This lady is evolving thought out the night and each drop was just mind boggling! Cream, butter, mineral, honey, oil, fragrant citrus and vanilla that comes with a slightly sweet SECONDARY LIFT where a slight sweetness “evaporates” from your tongue when you have down the liquid. ULTRA long finish ( near to 60sec). The evoluation of the wine was amazing where it went thru rounds of WHAO–> muted nose ->doubly WHAO. You could felt that the beauty was asleep and awaken in a a higher plateau. Simply out of this world!
Ratings: 5/5
(even JL commented this is definitely a 100pointers. I would be a vegan for 3 months just to try this again)

1988 Veuve Cliequot Ponsardin:
Eye: Deep golden hue, an indication of good long aging.
Nose: ULTRA honeyed, complex with brioche, yeasty backbone
Palate: Sweet, multilayered complexity (yeasty, bread and some sour citrus) and with a slight bitter ending. You could feel the slight secondary honey coating your tongue and teeth.. Tremendous wine!
Ratings: 4.5/5