Dimsum brunch@Kamboat, Shawhouse

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-100-mg-online-prezzo-piu-basso-a-Torino Demona: “Notti” Dogma was planning to go for a long wine tasting session despite the fact that we are back into square one long distance relationship = time is little = time is crucial = time is precious = still want to run off to drink wine?????. In order to pacify me, he had to buy me… CHAR SIEW PAOS! For this CSP sucker face queen, myself.

levitra 20 mg dose raccomandata We decided to have dimsum nearby my place, at Shawhouse’s Kamboat.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=cialis-generico-%28tadalafil%29-10-mg Demona: Jeng jeng jeng jeng! It sure was easy to please a girl who loves to glutton herself out! Sadly, the CSPs were oversteamed, causing the pao to be damp and soggy. The meat ingredients were so so.. overall, the paos were disappointing.

Demona: The har kaus were the biggest turn off in dim sum brunch session. The prawns had some wierd funky chemical-like taste in them (maybe oversoaked in the bicarbonates). After one bite, I could not take the second bite no more. Dogma finished the rest of them. He was quite alright with the taste of the har kaus…. ehehehe.. Dogma constantly becomes my foodie dustbin. 😛

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-25-mg-online-generico-a-Parma Demona: The XO fried carrot cake was only so so. Honestly, I couldn’t even taste the XO at all. Maybe I took the wrong square piece :/ They were also very oily. Arteries clogging up!

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=farmacia-viagra-generico-25-mg-a-Roma Demona: The egg tarts weren’t too bad. It probably was the winner for the day. The pastry layer was quite flaky, sweet, crunchy. The egg layer was also smooth, soft, with a hint of sweetness. The tarts were very small although they looked fairly big from the photo.

follow link Verdict: Our last experience here was actually good. Totally opposite from what we were getting this time around. Our conclusion was: last trip, we came late and the lunch crowd had already left. This trip, we came on a brunch, on a Sunday. The restaurant was packed to the brim. Maybe the two-armed chefs were trying to do an eight armed octopus job… the quality may have been comprimised.

vardenafil generico Sicilia We probably will aim Marina’s Kamboat branch if we want to give Kamboat another try again. 30% promotion discount! And our visits there had not disappoint us too!

126 DimSum @ Geylang, 126 Sim Avenue

follow site Demona’s tummy has been growling for MEAT MEAT MEAT on a Wednesday night after Church service…. We have not been having much dimsum lately as Sunday morning has now been dedicated to the Lord. Sensing her hunger for meaty prey like a cold blooded viper, I quickly drove down to Geylang Rd for a quick meaty fix at 126 Dim Sum @ 126 Sims Avenue.CSP@3.20SGD: The CSP is normal. Sweetish charsiew paste with equal porportion of fats and lean meat. The bun is a tad thick..Not fantastic. At the same time, the fillings were used in many of their dimsum as well.. Boring.Fried CheeChongFun@3.50SGD: Fried cheechongfun filled with the exact fillings of CSP. Crispy but a tad too oily. A sinful grease bomb but nothing to shout about it.Xiao Long Bao@3.00sgd: I’m not too sure if this qualifies as XLB. Shaped more like a frozen dumpling found in NTUC and lacking of much elasticity. No juice/soup within the XLB. The skin were not soft and rather too thick. Looks not appealing as well. Not good.Pork Ribs With Bean Paste@2.50SGD: This was at least average and not expensive. Greasy pork ribs with black beans and tons of oil…. Good after a beer binge!

go here Chilli@ Abit overly sweet without much spicy kick in it. Chilli price has gone up or is this Singapore palate preference for sweet chili?
Total Bill@12.60SGD for 4 dishes

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=read-and-buy-brand-propecia-in-australia-with-paypal Verdict: This stall is hugely popular with late night crowds, especially those post clubbing/drinking customers. And there is no reason for anybody to come here unless you are drunk and intoxicated. Food here is below average, ultra greasy, coarse and not value for money. So, come here if you need some grease bomb and enjoy rowdy noisy crowd. Else, Geylang offers much better quality and value food besides 126 Dim Sum.