XLP craze@Kao-Chi(高記) near Dongmen MRT station, Taipei

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levitra contrassegno italia Woke up early morning with the aim of having a hearty breakfast… Alrightey, hop on the train, to Dongmen MRT Station, and look out for Kao-Chi, a famous Taiwanese local foodie place, known for its delicious xiao long paos!

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-viagra-generico-100-mg-pagamento-online-a-Milano Being the gluttoney I am, charsiew paos would not escape my sight! Alright, maybe just this time, I will have them “sou” instead. (Influenced by seeing this plate on almost every patron’s table).

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=omprare-viagra-generico-100-mg-consegna-rapida-a-Milano Oh….my….gosh. Fluff beyond words. Flake beyond words. Aromatic porky char siew beyond words. Do not be fooled by its petite size. It was quite rich, and having two pieces of it…I begun to worry if I could stomach in another 12 XLPs.

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levitra generico dosaggio Boo-yah! Of course I can! Each XLP folded and steamed to perfection. One of the best XLPs I had tried in the longest time. The broth was so flavourful, and pretty generously sized tender pork meat too. The skin wasn’t too thick or hard, but just enough to give a kick to the munching and holding in those deliciousness without bursting.

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=cialis-generico-envio-24-horas Master shi fus in the kitchen working their magic of making patrons lips’ smile wide open. I wonder how long and how many paos these shi fus had to make to master the perfect skill of making the paos.

click Total damage was nearly RM 60 over. Ouches! But, it’s good quality compensated for it.

here Worth a visit, for Taiwan travellors! But to fully enjoy the meal, a crowd of 3-4 would be ideal!

Kao – Chi (高記)
No. 1號, Yongkang Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Opening hours:
10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Home made yummy dumplings!@Lee’s family home


An impromptu personal dinner invite by CK, and I was feeling highly honoured to be the only food blogger around haha.

Tonight’s menu: home made dumplings, by his wife, Fu Min!

Her petite and light body frame, allowed her to have the agility to dash out to the pot, dash back in to wrap more dumplings, made more skins etc. Now, this is some ladyironchef skills going on yo!

She even had Maria, her eldest 8 year-old girl as her dumpling tracking manager, who kept tabs of how many were produced. This kid could possibly be a F&B manager in the future!


Every ingredient was made from scratch. The dumpling skin, required hard efforts of moulding, shaping, rolling into tangy, chewy, supple sumpling skins.

The meat ingredients inside: added with herbs, spices, chopped garlic, and meat nicely pounded to form a lovely uniformed mixture.


Tad-ah! These beauties are all wrapped nicely like christmas presents!

She also sells pre-made dumplings like these to customers and households within the vicinity of their home.

Foodieventurers out there..Worth every penny yo for families who want fresh and health home made dumplings!


These babies are bow thrown into the hot pot of broth. I helped out with stirring the pot and adding water (that was about the most useful thing I could offer in this process haha).


The boiling and cooking part only took a mere 5 minutes or so, and whoah-lah! These beauties are ready!

Now this is what I call..sincerely cooked food with all the love and passion added into it. Spicy lovers like myself, prepped a small bowl of soy sauce mixed with dried shrimps chilli paste and chopped garlic as a dipping sauce. And now…let the hunger games begin!


The great part about the dumpling was that the skin was tangy and fresh, and the minced meat inside was good quality, nice flavoured and once you ate them, you would know….”this feels like home”. An added kick, is that not only did it taste home made, the flavour and feel of his wife’s home culture in China somehow infused in.

I was told that they served this during their time in China, to friends and families who visit them over a meal, and just have relax and have a good time eating plates and plates of dumplings over a cold drink/beer….. well in this case, we were washing our food down with Black Nikka and Ballentines gold 12 years, teeheehee.

Maria and I had a dumpling challenge. 20 pieces no less! But I waved the white flag shamelessly. By the 15th piece, my tummy was shutting its doors already while the kid was still pushing it on over 20 pieces. Gosh….youth, oh youth!

It was fun filled time catching up with the family and also witnessed how dumplings were made following the style of her Chinese home town.

Foodieventurers who are sold by my story and are keen to try out ladyironchef Fu Min’s home made pre-cooked dumplings (I guarantee as a sincere foodventurer that you won regret it!)….you may call CK : 018 760 6888 🙂