*Brrrrrr* chilly walk@Nanjing FuZiMiao

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http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=best-price-viagra-pills-online One that cold, cold morning, I took the MRT a couple o stops away from the hotel to do the “touristy” activity. I guess I should also do a little sight seeing of Nanjing, on top of the gastronomic adventure.

source site It was an extremely chilly morning, about 5 degrees or so. And it was also drizzling as well as pretty strong wind at that morning. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Torino Nonetheless Fu Zi Miao was packed, with TONS of tourists, who were mainly local Chinese!

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viagra generico acquisto in italia The entire area was rather large, with various scenic surroundings and beautifully constructed ancient architectures such as this one. If you cut out all the noise coming from the tourists, one can really meditate or do yoga right in front of this zen-like square shaped pool.

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http://buy-generic-clomid.com/clomid_adult_dosage.html The streets were surrounded by ancient architectured shops, with gigantic signs protruding out along the street alleys. It was quite a nice stroll along these streets. If they added along the horse pulling trishaws, and road side peddlars, and everyone around is dressed in traditional clothings, this place could be transported back in time.


The only downside was that most of these shops looked really nice outside, but inside, all the things sold were the generic souvenir shops which then totally put you off from the whole walk back in time experience.


Within a good 1 hour, I had seen enough and walked back out. As I blindly walked around, I came across the entrance into Nanjing university. The view looked superbly amazing eh? If I was a student, I’d look forward to walking in to such a scenic looking university!


All the Brrrrrrrrrrr walking, helped burned up more calories! (I hope lol). Walked in to some random shop along the way to grab some hot, steamy foodie!

One “long” of steamed dumplings for this 5 degree weather please! (No more steamed dumplings for me for the next few months)


Salted flat fish slice as accompaniment. Nothing much to shout about, the fish was too boney for me!


Last but not least, a gigantic bowl of vegetarian looking noodles. Cost me about RM 22, including the fish. The noodles were…..Alright. Average. Nothing unique about it but was told this was traditional Nanjing local noodles style of cooking. Oh well! It was still quite nice, to eat a bowl of piping hot noodles with steamy soup on a superbly cold day.

What other foodie in Nanjing that can excite me further? More foodieventures to go!

One of the best dumplings!@Little shop, across the road of Somerset Service Suites, Shanghai


It was an early morning start for me, as ,it was Lord’s Day! All prepped and ready in prayer to depart from the services suite. One more thing to do: breakfast!

We walked across the road and found this little shop, with large puffs of steam floating up the air on the cold, cold, chilly morning.

Perfect for breakfast. Hot, pan fried dumplings! The skin was just nicely thickened, and the meat inside was so juicy! Thank goodness it was not too oily. By far the best dumplings I had in Shanghai, and it was found on some random tiny shop. Awesome!


Even the Xiao Long Paos did wonders! These hot, steamed, juicy buddies were nicely wrapped, with well flavoured and marinated juicy meat bits, also the best XLPs I had so far.

All of this, only for a cost of RM6. Jaw dropped. Steal deal!

When we returned in the afternoon, only then did I realize that this tiny little shop, had a long queue up to several shops away. And it was consistently queued up patrons on the next few days too!


Only for the spicy hearted. Best remedy for a 5degree Celcius chilly morning.


Now, for a blessed morning receiving heavenly manna from The New Covenant Church in Shanghai! Branch church of Pyung Kang Cheil Church. I was so happy to be here, and I also had a blessed time joining in with the choir team, and singing along with the kids there. I believe Father will do great works in Shanghai through His children in TNCC.