Late chicken rice lunch@Choon Yien, Seksyen 17 PJ

This chicken rice stall in Choon Yien Restaurant, Happy Mansion is always packed at lunch hours. It took us almost 10 minutes to get a table and for obvious reasons…we arrived late (1.15pm). If we came at 12pm, we might have to wait longer.

I was crushed to see the last plate of glistening charsiew served to one table. “No char siewwww….noooooo…” (thunderstorms in my head)


We ordered a plate of roasted chicken (4 pax portion). I gotta say the chicken was really crispy on the outside and tender juicy on the inside. Although some parts of the chicken were a bit fatty, all in all they were really good. I could say this is a great contender to Yat Yeh Hing’s chicken rice ( Kelana Jaya).

Perhaps I was really hungry/ or just plain gluttony, the chicken portion wasn’t enough so we added 1 more pax chicken portion.


All bowl of hot, spicy salted vegs soup to complement the oily buttery rice and crispy chicken, and the one that fuses these all is their spicy garlic ginger chili sauce.

Total damage: RM 39 / 4 pax.
The 1 pax chicken portion cost RM5, apparently if you order the drumstick, it is an additional RM2.

My friend said in the past, the person behind the chopping board used to be a chinese man who was really unpleasant and cocky, maybe due to its chicken rice’s popularity. But now it has changed to a lady, who appears to be nicer.

That is good news to me, I do hope famous foodie owners never ever forget their roots and be thankful to God for the blessings they received.

I’ll definitely be back for round 2!

Choon Yien Restaurant, Happy Mansion, Seksyen 17 PJ. Behind the row of shops where Elephant Thai restaurant is located. You will be able to see it the moment you turn into the area.