Early morning meaty breakfast@Kuo Man, Kota Kinabalu


This restaurant has been operating for nearly two decades. They’ve gone on TV interviews and magazine write ups as well. Kuo Man is one of the top foodie recommendations when you are here in Kota Kinabalu.

Hence, the place was already packed with locals even when we areived early in the korning. My friends said if we came by 9, 10 am, many of their famous dishes would be sold out.

“WOW. Really?!”

There were many cars parked outside this place, many were luxury cars too. There are no barriers when it comes to great food.


Apparently, Kuo Man makes their own noodles and the auntie who took our orders heavily promoted how delicious their home made noodles were. For her selling efforts, I ordered a plate to try out.

The noodles’ texture was like in between of kueh teow and pan mee. Ummmm..it was quite ordinary to me, but I do understand what childhood food does to you, I’m sure the locals love it since they grew up with this. And I am very happy that I had an opportunity to foodieventure this place!

We ordered a variety of meat dishes to complement the noodles.  The fish slices were very fresh! A hearty start for an early morning!


They are known for their tender beef soup, and I am also agreeable to it. They were really tender and I could just have this bowl of tender juiciness on its own and be a happy girl.


I reserved the star dish for the last review. Kuo Man’s trade mark roast pork, usually sold out by early morning itself. I was truly fortunate that we managed to order a plate. BIG YAY!

Thankfully, it was not a fatty section, just thin sections in between the meat, so it won’t irk so much after several pieces. It was really, really tender, and the salty taste was just nice enough. The best part of all, was the crunchy skin on the top. Cracks and pops in the mouth!

One of the best roast pork I’ve ever tasted.

Not to forget, their home made chilli sauce, packed with ginger and blended to spicy fiery perfection! They sell their chilli sauces over the cashier counter. I was almost tempted to buy home.

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