Restaurant 23b at muadzam shah pahang image As we drive towards rompin, aj took us a long detour to visit this unique orang asli chinese restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

fertility drug like clomid pregnancy A chinese restaurant it is, but the staff, owner and customers are mainly orang asli.

We were dead hungry after driving for more than 5 hours.


Wasting notime, we ordered their signature wild dear meat panfried in pepper and onion. Verdict. Abit gamey but tender. Howevet I wasnt fully impressed by it


Next up was freshly caught wils river baung fish at rm32 per kilo.
The meat was amazingly tender and sweet and it was the star dish for the night. For rm32, this was the deal of the century.


This is the before picture of Mr Baung fish.


Samsu wild kampung chicken.
The meat was leaner and tougher than the usual kampung chicken you get. Probably the difficult terrain in the wild wild forest makes the chicken work harder. The chef was dousing this dish with a copious amount of samsu rice wine and you do get a instant alcohol high. It was a heart warming dish slurping the samsu soup on a wet cold night.


Fish tank to store the wild baung. It probably help to reduce the muddy taste off the fish as well

You cant find a single review of this restaurant on the net. So, heres the contact and do go hunt them down


Red Mango 2013 revisit@MyeongDong, Seoul


As every little street in MyeongDong looked the same to me (neon lights, beauty products, food peddlers, clothes kiosks etc), it was really by luck I blindly walked into the path where Red Mango was located.

I remembered how I struggled asking random strangers around for directions to this place on my first visit there in 2011.

And now, by chance it was just in front of me. No way am I missing my chance of having my yoghurt ice cream!

The place was a lot more vibrant than how I remembered in 2011. (I am going to re-blog that post!)
Filled with young college couples, high school girls, and some occasionally… ‘matured but not too old yet’ ladies like us.


YUMS. I was happy high. Felt like a kid again getting rewarded with ice cream after finishing my home work. The sweet strawberry compote sour yoghurt combination, and some nutty bites in between….was picture and taste perfect.

A cuppa latte, nicely foamed into a shape of a winner’s trophy leaves (I guess to award the victor ice cream). Hot bitter caffiene fix to cleanse the palate.

As I was about to leave the place feeling satisfied, I was caught by surprise when the ‘Memory Collector’ approached us by the exit.

That was how he referred himself as. Even gave us his name card, Memory Collector.

I’m not sure if he is the owner/worker (but he sure looked like the owner…greeted us when we walked in and guided us to our table…and he was dressed differently).

Apparently, he captures the moments/memories of all patrons who dined here and sends the photos to them. There is also an award for best captured moments.

I thought this was really a great idea to make one feels appreciated being here. And indeed, he kept to his words and we got our photos via email a few days after as promised!

As strange as it sounds.. I think this gesture will make me remember my moments here for a really long time.

Memory collected!

For those who are keen to view his works, their menus, promotions etc, he has a FB page :