Very berry strawberries!

online pharmacy discount clomid  Within the vicinity of the church compound, there is a steep slope area where congregation members take a walk up and pray or meditate. The view up here is gorgeous, and reminded me a little of Maxwell Hill in Taiping, but not as damp and humid as the latter of course. There is a wooden house up here, where Sr Pastor prays and writes books.

One tip though, best to wear shoes if you want to walk up. Some ladies came up with heels, and it was a challenge even in covered shoes, to walk up this slope. Imagine, heels! Years ago, pastors paved the way up the slope by using old gunny sacks, to prevent the feet from hurting walking over the rough rocks and stones. Imagine then, when there weren’t advanced technologies and such to do these. What respect!

 After the journey to the prayer mountain, we came down and took a stroll around the area outside of PKC church. It was lovely to see fruits, meat, vege, fish etc sellers by the roadside shouting out to gain potential buyers’ attention. Surely gained mine alright. I saw this huge pack of plush, fattened, bloody red strawberries, for only RM 7! Buy!

 Such beauties eh? Very sweet too, btw.

A picture of the rocky road throughout the way up the slope. Along the way, you could also see old, worn out, gunny sacks in the midst of the rocks and stones. People will walk on those to lessen the possibility of stepping on sharp stones, and also having more grip coming down the steep slope.

Cakes@Ritz Bakery, Penang

My colleague was telling me about how famous and good Ritz’s cakes are, especially the green tea cake.

Being one greedy fart, i just had to try them. The bakery is located near where i was camping, at the scary looking 1926 Heritage Hotel. People out there, do not be fooled by the hotel’s pictures on the internet! Highly recommended.. NOT to stay there.

Anyway, i left the hotel early and so happens we drove by the bakery. Knowing i won’t be passing this area again… We pitstopped for cakes. At 9am! Just as the worker unlocked the entrance. First customer, and totally wierd breakfast.

The green tea was so green i swear it looked like a nice patch of lawngrass placed in front of me. i wished they put more redbeans in the cake and less sponge. Rm6.20. RT and San Terri still have better green tea cakes for sure.

The one with the cherry top is the blackforest cake. That was abit of a letdown. Not good. Rm 6.20.

The final cake is called ButterScoth. Not sure what scoth meant but it surely did not look like a butterscotch cake/ a choc cheese cake. Nevertheless, trying out new stuffs are what i like.

After taking a bite, i still “caught no ball” (cant make out) what was the intention of this cake. The chocolate coating was hard, and abit too greasy. in the middle of the cake lies a layer of crunched up marie biscuits, prolly mixed with butter and another thin layer of sponge cake. The feeling I got was ,” Greasy”. My colleague felt sick in the stomach after finishing it. This, for breakfast, urks. His take home message was,”I think i ate the whole brick of butter”. Poor fella.rm6.20.

My thoughts of this bakery? Probably regulars/locals have developed a love for this place as i must say the bakery’s inner decor is very warm and friendly, plus their tastebuds are accustomed to the cakes since this shop has been around for a really long time already.

For me, i really feel that the few Ive tried did not impress me, especially the fact that they are pretty pricey! There are definitely better cakes here in KL for that price alright.

Btw, a pict of the scary hotel. Please avoid staying there. These people had the guts to give me a room which they already knew that the aircondion compressor was spoilt and was making alot of noise. When i got back from work at 1030pm, there was no other room available and i had to sleep through the night as if i camped in a construction site. Plus, locals were telling me that the hotel is …. Booooooo. Creepy!