Big Apple Donuts@Curve

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oxford online pharmacy clomid online Demona: After the dinner at Little Penang Cafe, we moved over to Laundry for a drink and we decided to get our colleague, YY, a modern birthday cake. Donuts, from the Big Apple. I’ve heard a lot from friends and colleagues on how delicious their donuts were but have never tried them. I had seen long queues outside this shop several times before, just like the excessively long queues outside J CO Donuts in the Pavillion. I’ve even heard crazy stories such as people queueing up for more than an hour for these sinful sweetie sweets.

Demona: My mouth juices were salivating when I saw those donuts. I believed that everyone else on the table was experiencing the same sensation too. They looked so much more refined, prim and proper, compared to the rough, messy looking ones which you see on the racks in Dunkin Donuts.

Demona: In addition, we bought her a slice of Indulgence from Secret Recipe as well, and placed it in the middle of the donuts. WHOA-LAH! A birthday cake was born.

Demona: After singing her a song, she blew the candle, made a wish, and we ferociously gobbled down the donuts.

HAHA. Just kidding. I called the waiter to bring some knifes and we cut the donuts into small pieces so that all of us could have a try of each donut.

I was expecting the chocolate donut on the far left top to have chocolate cream inside of it, but sadly there was none. It made that donut, no more different than the other two chocolate donuts below it.

The one with the groundnut bits on top of the chocolate layer was pretty alright.

The white coloured one (apparently it is called as SNOWY), I did not get a chance to try that out.

The last one, on the right bottom corner, was the oreo donut. Nothing fantastic about it. If my colleague did not mention to me that it was an oreo flavour, I wouldn’t have known either. The cookie bits were too finely ground, hence its taste was lost along the way.

I found the doughs of the donuts being a little tougher than they looked, and somehow I could taste the deep fried oil in all of them, despite having sugary toppings.

I do not think that the Big Apple has fantastic donuts. If the J CO Donuts which I ate (flown all the way from Bandung, Indonesia), brought in by my best friend, tasted similar to the ones made in J CO here, then I would definitely agree that they were extremely delicious. I can still picture the yummy, wummy, tummy tiramisu donut in my mind. SLURPS!

However, nothing beats…. KRISPY KREME!
Would someone give me 10 million dollars in assets and 10 operating food and beverage outlets, please?


(BTW, you could see my “Demona” shirt, behind the red wine glass)

Amer@Bakerzin, Bangsar

Demona: This cake is called “AMER”. Love. My marketing manager bought it for one of our customers. Me stomach juices were wishy washy already when I saw the cake. It looked darn delicious. THIS WAS TRUE! THE BOOK WAS EQUALLY AS GOOD AS ITS COVERS!

Demona: The dark chocolate sponge cake slices in between were very moist and the sweetness was well controlled. In between the layers of chocolate sponge cakes were coated with very smooth, chilled, chocolate whipped cream. (DEVILISHLY SINFUL!) Each bite was a melting moment! This was one of those cakes where by each mouthful was orgasm, keeping you smiling bigger and bigger. When I took one bite, I close my eyes, and for that few seconds, I actually felt worry-free. I was in paradise.

Verdict: A very good cake. I got to learn how to make this cake alright. The price was a little steep, RM 70. Get this cake as a birthday gift only to those who you really care about and cares about you equally as much as well.