Island Creamery@Serene Centre

follow url Demona: There were only 2 hours left before I had to board the bus back home. A week of foodventuring had come to an end. We wanted to have the last tummy growling bite at the Daily Scoop, unfortunately, the shop was closed on New Year’s Day. We hopped on a cab and headed to Serene Centre for an ice cream treat at Island Creamery instead.

Demona: The parlour was designed in such a way that you would feel very much at home, lazing on a couch, with a television remote control on one hand and a tub of ice cream on the other. The place was pretty packed, both with dining in people as well as those who bought and went. TONS of polaroid pictures of people who had visited this place were all glued on one big side of the wall, adding smiles and a warm welcome into the parlour.

We had to queue up for a pretty long while before it got to our turn to try out their flavours for the day. Guess what, we bumped into the ice cream maker of Daily Scoop here as well! She queued up for ice cream too. ( No wonder she was closed for the day. Either enjoying the ice cream here or busy studying competitor’s activities!)

We decided to indulge in a 3 scoop ice cream portion and a hot cup of flat white.

Demona: Sadly, there were not many flavours presented which caught our attention that day. Maybe we had arrived late, and the popular flavoured ice creams were already sold out. We ended up choosing, Kahlua, Pulut Hitam and Nutella.

The Kahlua was too mild, we barely tasted it in the ice cream. It did not win brownie points from us. The pulut hitam however, was pretty delicious! You could taste the intensity of the flavour with only a small mouthful of it. The Nutella, was pretty average. I remembered that it was extremely sweet, with a strong hazelnut taste, definitely over powering the other two flavours.

My sugar high tolerance level was three times more than Dogma’s, thus I ended up finishing most of it (as usual).

Demona: We took a pict of ourselves with the polaroid picts decorated wall and printed it out using the printer by the ice cream counter. We left this message (as above) on the pict and guys out there, you might catch a glimpse of us at one of the corners on the wall somewhere!

Swiss Rolls@Yik Kee Restaurant, KL

Demona: My 3rd aunt bought some swiss rolls from this restaurant. (probably its branch in KL). I am not too sure where exactly this place is, but they’ve printed the entire map on the top of the box.

Demona: This swiss rolls were already nicely cut into pieces. They tasted quite nice actually. Chunky, and moist! The inner layers were rolled with a sweet, honey-like, caramelized sauce, which blended really well with the cake layer. VERY YUMMY!

Demona: Another close up shot of the swiss roll slices.

Verdict: I am unsure of the price tag, but knowing KL, and when a shop is famous for something, the price ends up being famous ($$$) too. I believe it probably is a little expensive compared to the swiss rolls that you buy in a bakery. Well, nevertheless, this was a one-time-go delicious swiss roll!