CNY Chocolates@Crown Princess Hotel, KL


enter site Demona: My aunt received these chocolates from Crown Princess for her birthday. Which got passed down from her to me to bring home as a CNY gift. (Clear stocks). The packaging was awesome! It came in a really, cool, sleek designed box, which I believe, Dogma would agree that it looked nice too, right.. DOGMA? *wink* The chocolates were packed in cute red, green and gold coloured cardboard boxes. Each box had a different chocolate design.

Demona: I have no idea what the print was.

Demona: Some chinese words. I’m guessing, Sang Yat Fai Lok? Happy birthday? Chinese interpretation anyone?

Demona: Some dark chocolates shaped in a fish form, and dusted with gold, making the fishs’ scales looked beautiful.

Demona: I only managed to eat the one with the funny looking imprint as the chocolates in this box melted on the process of transporting it back home. Logistics error. The chocolate was alright, not as delicious as it looked. I think kinder bueno tastes even better! But, I must give credit for its presentation.

Chocolate Factory

Nice packaging: Orange strip backed by woody black tone..Elegant
Assorted Chocolates:
Chocolate Scrutiny:

P bought me a box of chocolates from Chocolate Factory as a birthday Gift.


I’m posting up some pictures to whet Demona’s appetite and probably she could describe the taste better than me when she finally taste some of this….

Imaginary Conversation: “The Boy and Girl Divide”
(Chocolate Factory Box presented infront of DogmaBoy and DemonaGirl)
DogmaBoy: Nice box!
DemonaGirl: Wahhh!!!Chocolate Factory!!!!!!!!!
DogmaBoy: Interesting colour scheme..Orange on top of woody tone.. I like!
Demona Girl: Wah!!! Chocolate Factory!!!!!!!!
DogmaBoy: Demona, Have you finish cooking dinner?Whats for dinner?
(DemonaGirl opens the box)
DemonaGirl: Wah!!!So beautiful!! It’s Chocolate Factory!!!!
DogmaBoy: Something smell burnt!!? Did you off the stove before you came out?
DemonaGirl: Yummmmy!!!! SLURPPPPYS!! CHOCOLATE!!!!
(DemonaGirl munching on the chocolates while Dogmaboy puts out the the fire in the kitchen while getting second degree burns..)