Ais Kacang@Casual (or Cashew) Market, Taiping

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go here Demona: I took my colleague to Taiping’s well known Casual Market (or most locals call it “Cashew” Market including myself, famous for its wide array of hawker gastronomical delicacies) for a tea break on a excruciatingly hot working day. It was so, so hot outside that you could barely see with your eyes wide open. Burning hot day – AISSSSSSSSS (ice) KACANGGGGGGGG (peanuts) !!!!!

Buy generic clomid 25mg These two soaking sweaty office ladies quickly sat down next to one of the Ice Kacang stalls by the road. Casual/Cashew Market is also known for its Ice Kacang, besides the famous “Hoo Wan Kueh Teow” (Fish Ball Wet Fried Kuey Teow), as well as nyonya kuihs.

So….. So….. Hot….. Must….. Have….. Iceeeeeeeee *sizzles*

Demona: We ordered a bowl of pencil shaving icy cold Ice Kacang each. The ice shavings were drizzled over with sweetened condense milk and some sugared rose water. Gigantic pearl-like sago, fat juicy red beans, chunky squares of grass jelly (cincau), wormy strips of “chendol”, beady bits of corn and white fungus were patiently hiding underneath the ball of snow to be unearthed by these two ladies on fire. Trust me, every mouthful was ….OOOOOHHHHH. Brrrrrrrrrrr…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Demona: Don’t this look like the perfect solution on a sunny day ?

Demona: When we were almost finished bringing down our body temperature with these snow beauties… I saw THIS! Right next to our table, this overfed matured rodent came out and waited at the end of the tiny drain, grabbing hold of any food waste which flowed out and instantaneously munched it down. After a tiny burp, the rodent scurried away leaving us with a spoiled appetite.

Verdict: Personally, this was not the best ice kacang I’ve tasted as I much preferred my ice kacang with gula melaka rather than rose water but it was HELL GOOD for a sweaty, sunny day. Each bowl only cost RM 1.20. CHEAP. CHEAP. CHEAP. Foodie lovers venturing in my hometown on a hot sunny day, I advise you to come try this! Just try not to look at opened drain holes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mr Rodent might be just around the corner waving Hello to you.