Final day brunch@ 나무사이로, Namusairo & Bread B, Seoul

click With the short few hours left before departing to the airport, we hopped on the MRT and headed to have a quick brunch at 나무사이로, Namusairo. The previous time I was here was spring time and it was rather cold, so I sat outside with Mr Rush. As it is summer now, indoors it is!


I really adored the authentic, old skool, wooden house feel, making drinking the cuppa ambience really awesome.


A cold and cold cuppa to have a yin and yang feel. Ethiopian beans hand dripped. Yums! I preferred the iced coffee, full of fragrance and body. Perhaps the hot weather too played a role towards my liking for the iced cuppa.

This was my write up when I was here at spring two years back.



We passed by Bread B Bakery, which is located just opposite Namusairo, and bought a few breads to brunch on with our cuppas.

This sandwich, as described on the board as juicy fresh club sandwich, was literally described as those written words. They were one of the most juiciest sandwiches I had ever eaten. Not to mention how fresh the vegs were.  Wanna scream Ooooh lala!


Bread B is known for its premium sliced cakes, and we bought a slice and put it to the test. The raspberry ganache chocolate cake was….absolutely divine. Cost us RM20 over this slice. Perfect to eat with the hot cuppa Ethiopian bean hand dripped coffee.

It was just plain awesome having amazing coffee at Namusairo with great bakes from Bread B. Can’t wait to come back here soon!


Namusairo 나무사이로, Seoul
21, Sajik-ro, 8-gil, Jongno-Gu,
Seoul, 110-053
Opening hours: 10 am – 1o pm daily
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Bread B Bakery,
마포구 상암동 1601 KGIT센터

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A western foodie start@Longbread Farmer’s Kitchen 롱브레드 파머스 반 , D’Cube Mall 디큐브아트센터


Anticipating my next PyungKang-Cheil Church visit in December, I was reminded of all the wonderful spiritual journey and foodie memories I had during the Summer Retreat in August. I’ll start off with my trip write up with Longbread Farmer’s Kitchen!

Once we checked into Coop Hotel, we rested for a bit and headed out to D’Cube mall for brunch. Seoul’s breads and sandwiches had always impressed me and we started the first meal the western way (unorthodox since it ain’t Kimchi.

Longbread was packed with patrons, and we had to share our seats at the long table. The strawberry smoothie, was AMAZING. Thick, nicely pacing the sweetness, and you could bite in bits of the blended strawberries. I’d rather pay for this RM 12 drink than many of the crappy ones we get in many cafes these days


Although the salad seemed normal, do not be fooled by its looks. The Mayo grilled chicken slices were grilled nicely, tender and locking in the charcoal grill flavour, and the season dressing the salad was a mixture between honey sweetness and balsamic sour savouryness.

Although I am a meat lover, I would thoroughly enjoy this on a “diet” or “I feel guilty overbinging” day.


Ok, moving on! The trademark of Longbread, their grilled sandwiches (literally long bread). It helped made the whole sandwich eating an enjoyable process with juicy layers of grilled bacon added in between. This was truly a trophy sandwich! Worth spending RM 16.


The set up sends a laid back, chill out, really brunch like feel and it truly felt like a Saturday morning with a cuppa, reading the headlines or your favourite novel, or chit chat with your loved ones.

Will surely be back for more of Longbread. December???? Teeheehee.

Longbread, Farmer’s Kitchen 롱브레드 파머스 반
662 D-Cube City디큐브아트센터
Tel: +82-2-2211-1000
FB Site: