Shanghai March 2012 part 1

Clomid pregnancy The weather was exceptionally cold in shanghai this early spring, with tempearature hovering between 6 to 7celcius.

Everything is expensive in Shanghai.
Except some food.
The xiaolong bao was 3.50ringgit for 6biji at a nearby restaurant.

Coffee is generally overpriced. Starbucks charges close to rm20 for a latte venti.
How ever, I was lucky to get a 50cents espresso@Ritazza Pudong Airport…

Eric Kayser Artisan Boulangerie@EK Plaza, Seoul

Stumbled upon this petite, yet posh looking bakery situated along the underground walkway between one MRT stop to the other. There were only 2 to 3 tables placed inside the bakery. Patrons were mainly females. Like a ‘desperate housewives’ pit stop for gossips before going back to their hubbies/ boyfriends. We had to wait for quite while for a table because these chatty ladies just wouldn’t stop their sizzling hot gossipy chats. 

The pastries looked delicious. Actually, more beautiful than delicious. The waitress by the counter told me that Eric Kayser’s signature pastry was the chocolate eclairs. One eclair cost nearly RM 5!

Within two gulps, these smooth, soft, creamy eclairs disappeared. Very good eclairs I must say. Deliciouso!

Total damage. Coffee cost 2000 won..nearly RM 8! Coffee, on the other hand was nothing to shout about. Without conversion, and if I was earning Korean won, I would say cost of food here is considered cheap. Heck, for a cuppa coffee and eclairs in a nice cafe in KL, would cost me nearly RM 20! And local Koreans would only need to pay 4300 won.