Coffee break@Coffeesmith, Seoul Finally the long awaited trip is here!

source site Despite the sticky sweaty hot summer, it didn’t stop me from foodie exploring in Seoul.

I am at Apgujeong area, people watching and coffee chilling. Fascinated by the local fashion trends and facial plastic surgery trends (urks).

A break away from the hectic work life. Feels great!

Apparently Coffeesmith is a popular coffee joint among locals as ‘cool people’ hang out here.

Coffee wise..only soso. But environment wise does feel rather cozy here.

Next stop, lunch!

A cuppa nicely done caffeine boost@Whisk, One Utama

The Star Trek movie was at 11.20 pm. We were there in One Utama since 8 pm. It was the week’s school holidays so the mall was packed like sardines in a can. Claustrophobic!
We walked and walked and walked until we were bored. And there was still 2 more hours to kill. Energy levels low. Eyelids closing down. Decided to get a quick fix of caffeine at Whisk to hold up until 11.20 pm.
Whisk, one of the boutique coffee joints that has gained popularity amongst the yuppies and young execs.
This time, I ordered the cappuccino. The espresso dose was Kau this time, milk thickened and foamy too. I was pretty happy with what I got.
I gotta say that the americano however, varies when it comes to the QC. My first attempt: not impressed. Too diluted and coffee was not hot. Second attempt: turned out great. Smooth down the throat and the coffee was Kau and hot. Third attempt: diluted again. Hmmmm… I should stick to the choice that involve milk in future.
Nonetheless, the layout of this place is very grunge, artsy, condusive for a laid back chill out session..and as my gf says it reminds her of Paris.
Strategically located next to Starbucks, and at for those who wants to order a cuppa for take-away, you can do so at its right corner with a label that says “For serious coffee drinkers..”.
For those who walk past it and head towards Starbucks, reading this will probably cause a tiny Ouch in the heart haha.