Final day brunch@ 나무사이로, Namusairo & Bread B, Seoul

With the short few hours left before departing to the airport, we hopped on the MRT and headed to have a quick brunch at 나무사이로, Namusairo. The previous time I was here was spring time and it was rather cold, so I sat outside with Mr Rush. As it is summer now, indoors it is!


I really adored the authentic, old skool, wooden house feel, making drinking the cuppa ambience really awesome.


A cold and cold cuppa to have a yin and yang feel. Ethiopian beans hand dripped. Yums! I preferred the iced coffee, full of fragrance and body. Perhaps the hot weather too played a role towards my liking for the iced cuppa.

This was my write up when I was here at spring two years back.



We passed by Bread B Bakery, which is located just opposite Namusairo, and bought a few breads to brunch on with our cuppas.

This sandwich, as described on the board as juicy fresh club sandwich, was literally described as those written words. They were one of the most juiciest sandwiches I had ever eaten. Not to mention how fresh the vegs were.  Wanna scream Ooooh lala!


Bread B is known for its premium sliced cakes, and we bought a slice and put it to the test. The raspberry ganache chocolate cake was….absolutely divine. Cost us RM20 over this slice. Perfect to eat with the hot cuppa Ethiopian bean hand dripped coffee.

It was just plain awesome having amazing coffee at Namusairo with great bakes from Bread B. Can’t wait to come back here soon!


Namusairo 나무사이로, Seoul
21, Sajik-ro, 8-gil, Jongno-Gu,
Seoul, 110-053
Opening hours: 10 am – 1o pm daily
ebsite :
FB Page:

Bread B Bakery,
마포구 상암동 1601 KGIT센터

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The foodie equation of value@the age of plummeting MYR

There used to be a time, where a bowl of char kuey tiow is RM1.00 ( 1990ish) in Taiping’s hawker stall.

And there used to be a time, where bringing RM0.50 would be good enough to get a bowl of curry mee from a school canteen.

How things has changed, where RM50 today is more or less equivalent to the spending power of RM10 in a not so distant past ( late 90’s to early 2000’s)

As our nation are embroiled in the 1MDB saga, with politicians spewing toxic soundbites garbage daily, I bravely boarded an Korea Air’s A380 ( better service + RM1.5K cheaper than our goodie MAS) to Los Angeles to search for a quiet peaceful time, to take a short break away from this dire states that all Malaysians are in.

On the day that i landed, Ringgit vs USD was at its lowest rate: at RM3.7ish to 1 USD.

An average engineer starting pay is about USD4K/month. While a average engineer starting pay in Malaysia is about RM2.5-3K/month.

I could feel my wallet catching a cold and shrinking in size, when i exchange RM1500 to get back 4 pieces of USD 100 notes.

The first stop in LA was definitely the local WholeFoods grocery market, where each branch try to source fresh produce locally (

I chance upon a punnet of fresh local strawberries: USD 10 for 3 punnet. ( WOW, vs RM15-20ish per punnet in Malaysia.)


I chance upon a tub of Hagen Daz ice cream ( USD3.50/tun vs RM30/tub in KL) + others local favourites (Talenti’s Sea Salt Caremel ice cream rocks


Braving the difficult economic situation, i whipped out my credit card and just sapu all the delicious produce and prepare a dinner for 4 at our place in LA.

a bottle of wine: check! USD10

a slab of cheese: check! USD4

a huge bowl of salad with half of each filled with assorted meat: Check! USD9.90

2 huge sandwich: check! USD20 

a slab of smoked wild caught chinook salmon: check! USD6

All in all, i fed my family of 4 of an extravagant meal of wine and dine, with just USD50.


Let me pose a question to all of us here today…

How is our RM50 doing in KL today?