Meng Kee Char Siew Kai Fan@Tengkat Tong Shin

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Demona: I finally got a chance to try out the FAMOUS char siew rice located at Tengkat Tong Shin, one that so, so many sources had recommended to me. Apparently, their char siew meat is to die for. Always sold out quickly, customers who want to “tapao” more char siew meat will have to place an order in advance, and not to mention, it’s “strategic” location, where you have no where else to park at the busy stretch but the parking lot across the stall for a flat rate of RM 6, or illegally, along the yellow line. The owner is famous for his blunt, you-take-it-or-leave-it arrogant manner and his famous char siew comes with a sparkly price tag.

Demona: We ordered some “Pak Cham Kai” (Steamed chicken meat) as well. This dish was a total let down. The meat barely had any taste, as you could only taste the oil and soya sauce soaked on them. Besides that, most of them were coated with a lot of chicken fat.

Verdict: This was a pict of the full plate of char siew and steamed chicken meat with buttered rice and soup, cooked with the pig’s internal organs and its meat. The soup was pretty tasty.

We each paid RM 8 for our lunch meal. Pretty expensive for the little amount of meat that we got. The portion was definitely not fit for 2, more like for 1 with a slightly bigger than normal appetite. We were left still feeling a little hungry. It was a major regret ordering the steamed chicken. The char siew meat was good, but it would not be my prime choice (I’m a lean meater). Though it was not the best food I had tasted, I was left feeling satisfied as I finally got a chance to experience the oh-so-famous-and-highly-recommended char siew fan.

Crystal Jade

Demona: I am addicted to Crystal Jade’s Stewed Beef Brisket with Noodles (Dry). Had my first taste of it over at the branch in Bugis mall. After a sweaty morning jog (walk) around the Orchard area, we stopped by for breakfast at the Crystal Jade branch in Takashimaya. (Needdd.. tooo.. fulfill my craving for the noodlessss). Different chefs, different cooking styles I guess. It tasted a little different (less tasty) from the one I had in Bugis. The trophy still stays on with CJ at Bugis.

Demona: The soup which came along with the Beef Brisket noodles. Pretty flavourful. Complemented well with the noodles. I am not a soup fan, thus Dogma had it bottoms up.

Demona: Chilli paste, mixed with preserved sliced green chillies. My turf! Think I finished a few bowls of it.

Demona: The Siew Mais were pretty fresh. The prawns were fairly big in size and crunchy. Too bad, prices for the food here had gone up and I personally felt that the Siew Mais were slightly expensvie.

Demona: Char Siew Paos! My MUST-HAVES for any dim sum meals. Only a minority, actually serves a sincere, flavourful and juicy CSP. The CSPs here were not bad. Just wished they had more fillings in them. However, 3 sgd for 3 CSPs, good deal enough. Will definitely call the next “luong” of CSPs on my next trip to CJ.

Demona: Our breakfast came up to sgd 19.66. I enjoyed my breakfast very much. Nothing beats starting an empty stomach running with a tasty, hot, steamy char siew pao and some juicy chunks of very tendered stewed beef briskets!