Crazy mad seafood binge@local Shanghainese way

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go to link It was my last night here in cold chilly Shanghai. The last time I walked at The Bund was Summer 2011. Sticky, sweaty, hot vs cold, chilly, cool. The view of the brightly lited buildings was nice, but I think Hong Kong’s one was better.

here After a quick stroll around, we took a cab over to meet branch church friends who wanted to show us the local Shanghainese way of eating seafood.

dove comprare Viagra generico 200 mg a Verona It was a rather dodgy looking restaurant and some dark, quiet, housing area neigbourhood. I was a little appauled by the crowd. Noisy, rowdy, smokers, DIRTY. I gotta admit that I was really quite irked by the surrounding.

quanto costa il levitra generico 20 mg online We were told to just put aside the thought of the surrounding and focus on the freshness of their seafood. image

source link When this gigantic plate of seafood goodness came, my eyes widened. I had never seen a seafood dish served in such mountainous way. Haha.

The seafood was simply steamed with salt, sprinkled over with some spring onions. I was amazed at how they stacked up these seafood goodies and they remained in tact even while we gradually consumed this mountain of seafood goodness.


Now I have never eaten a baby mantis prawn before, and even with the big sized ones, they were usually served in pieces already, and not as whole like this. It was a little…freaky to eat like this, I guess it was just because I do not eat this regularly unlike normal prawns. Surprisingly the meat was really sweet and tender and fresh!

We had crates of bottled beers. I couldn’t believe my own eyes that we drank that much! That was typical…having Chinese beer, so light that it could almost pass as carbonated drinks.

The toilets were unbearably gross! Chinese toilets really scare the daylight out of me. Until today, I cannot forget forget the sight and smell of entering this restaurant’s toilet.

Good food aside, surrounding and service was…. Speechless.


We ordered some grilled oysters and chicken wings, marinated with spicy salty seasonings. A good kick to go along with beer.

All in all, the food was honestly, quite good. But I think I won’t be coming back ever again. One time experience was sufficient for me. The dirt and rowdyness irked me alot and people were spitting on the floors randomly!

As much as I enjoyed the cold weather, I couldn’t wait to go home. Nasi lemakkkkkkkk…I miss you!

Artsy fartsy foodieventure@Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai


Now that we got back to Shanghai, the temperature was slightly higher…but it was as chilly as ever. I had to walk in to one of the shops to grab a thick wool scarf to cover my neck as the chilly wind kept blowing throughout the whole day.

Today’s mission: Tian Zi Fang! An artsy fartsy place, filled with petite, cool looking shops, selling all sorts of stuffs, both decorative and edible.

Time to warm up a little as we walk. Grabbed some street snacks as we walked around TZF.


A roti canai wrapped with egg and yaocharkueh, hey…this was rather Taiwan-ish! Taste was just average. I was missing Taiwan again. The rice burger, too…was average. Yawns.

Hope to find something interesting next!


Which I did! Stumbled upon this really narrow and tiny shop selling pineapple tarts, and egg tarts. The buttery, sweet, fragrant aroma covered all over that stretch of street and there was a crowd surrounding the stall. What you can see in this photo

was exactly the size of the entire bakery, from moulding, to baking, to packing and display. Amazing!


This egg tart cost about RM 10. And…it..was…worth…every weakened ringgit. Though the egg tart rendition was fairly different from the traditional egg tarts we eat back in Malaysia. The texture was a little more on the hard curdled side, like a custard, and it was piping hot! Yummylicious to eat in such a crazy cold weather!

The egg tart distracted me all the way until I forgotten to snap any photos of the surroundings!

Worthy place for tourists to drop by! I gotta say I really enjoyed browsing through all the uniquely decorated petite shops, each special in its own way and character.
Tian Zi Fang
Huangpu, Shanghai,