Artsy fartsy foodieventure@Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai

acquistare tadalafil senza ricetta Lazio image Now that we got back to Shanghai, the temperature was slightly higher…but it was as chilly as ever. I had to walk in to one of the shops to grab a thick wool scarf to cover my neck as the chilly wind kept blowing throughout the whole day.

Today’s mission: Tian Zi Fang! An artsy fartsy place, filled with petite, cool looking shops, selling all sorts of stuffs, both decorative and edible.

Time to warm up a little as we walk. Grabbed some street snacks as we walked around TZF.


A roti canai wrapped with egg and yaocharkueh, hey…this was rather Taiwan-ish! Taste was just average. I was missing Taiwan again. The rice burger, too…was average. Yawns.

Hope to find something interesting next!


Which I did! Stumbled upon this really narrow and tiny shop selling pineapple tarts, and egg tarts. The buttery, sweet, fragrant aroma covered all over that stretch of street and there was a crowd surrounding the stall. What you can see in this photo

was exactly the size of the entire bakery, from moulding, to baking, to packing and display. Amazing!


This egg tart cost about RM 10. And…it..was…worth…every weakened ringgit. Though the egg tart rendition was fairly different from the traditional egg tarts we eat back in Malaysia. The texture was a little more on the hard curdled side, like a custard, and it was piping hot! Yummylicious to eat in such a crazy cold weather!

The egg tart distracted me all the way until I forgotten to snap any photos of the surroundings!

Worthy place for tourists to drop by! I gotta say I really enjoyed browsing through all the uniquely decorated petite shops, each special in its own way and character.
Tian Zi Fang
Huangpu, Shanghai,

Great coffee with great breads patisserie B and Nomusairo, Seoul


On the last day in Seoul, we decided to take a slow 20minute stroll to Nomusairo for a final good cuppa before we leave. As we were approaching Nomusairo, Patiserrie B caught our attention because of its french-style designed bakery.


I walked in and the buttery whiff hovered all over the bakery. Fresh bakes were displayed by the entry and beautifully crafted cakes were displayed on the left.

I bought this mung bean bun, which was filled with so much nutritious goodness!


They were being super generous with the ingredients and the bread was also very fluffy indeed!


This charcoal cream cheese bun was amazing. It may look a little peculiar from the outside but oh boy.. It was so soft which blended in so well with the fluffed up light cream cheese. Went perfectly well with the long black from Nomusairo!

The breads in general were between 3000 – 5000won if you are buying those bun-like ones.

The only major downside was how unfriendly the staff was at Patiserrie B. As I couldn’t speak Korean and neither could they converse in English, rather than being helped, I felt they were irritated by my questions and somehow rather gave me stares like I could not afford to buy their breads.

I didn’t like the feeling of the after-purchase when I walked out. So I did a little googling at Nomusairo, and it seems Patiserrie B is famous for their delicate French influenced cakes. But does that justify the actions of the staffs there? I don’t think so. Hopefully they are re-trained again to be better staffs to serve customers in the future.

Not cooollllllllll….


Before I leave, a box of banana milk to sip through my 20minute journey back to the hotel to take the bus to Incheon airport.

McDonalds at Incheon, here I come!

Pâtisserie B (bakery – cafe)
Gyeonghuigungoe Achim / King’s Garden block #3, 1F
Naesu-dong 72 bonji, Jongno-gu, Seoul, ROK
Tel : +82.2.739.5532